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‘My son has become confident since he started school’

The mother of the student at Apeejay School, Faridabad says that her son loves going to school and learning new things



For Anjali and Aakash Malhotra, residents of Faridabad, sending their son Divansh to Apeejay School, Faridabad in Sector 15 came naturally. Not only is Aakash an alumnus of the school, but so is his brother. The family’s association with the school doesn’t end here. Every child in the family is a student of Apeejay. When the time came for Divansh to go to school, the parents knew where their son would study.

“Nobody has to sell this school to us. We know all the good things that Apeejay has to offer its students. We have total trust in every member of the school – be it the principal, teachers, or staff. My husband and brother-in-law are from Apeejay School, Faridabad and the nine children of the family; every child of the Malhotra family is studying in this school and Ayesha, Navika, and Divansh are blood relatives (cousins),” Anjali said.

In an interview, this mother, who was a teacher herself, talks about the importance of sharing and that her son loves going to school.

Did your son have adjustment issues when he started going to school offline?

Not at all. As parents, we were a bit apprehensive that he would be upset and maybe cry and have problems in class. I told Ayesha and Navika to check on him on day one of his school. But we were being paranoid for nothing. He was comfortable.

What role did his teachers play in making him feel comfortable?

I give full credit to Seema Singh ma’am. She is his first teacher who is teaching him face-to-face. While he had attended preschool it was online. Seema ma’am is excellent. All through Divansh’s schooling to date, she has stood by him and helped me at each step where he faltered.

What are some of the things he has picked up?

He has become very confident and active. He is always eager to participate in all the activities the school organises. He was a bit upset that I had not enrolled him in Sports Guru. It was my fault; by the time I realised, the registrations were over. But he made me promise him that in the next academic year, he would be enrolled.

Does he enjoy going to school?

He loves it since he gets to learn new things. Not only is he keen to meet his teachers, but he also wants to meet teachers from higher classes as well. He insists that he wants to meet Ayesha and Navika’s teachers. This is because the school environment is very friendly and each is made to feel welcome. Each person in the school is extremely cooperative.

What is the teaching methodology?

It is extremely innovative. The teachers make the students comfortable in the class. They teach in a manner that brings out the best in your child. The best part is that all the schoolwork is completed and done in the classroom. I only tell his teachers to give him homework otherwise once he is home he roams around carefree. Seema ma’am told me that they give work according to the age and class of the child.

How is the parent-teacher interaction?

It is very good. Besides the PTMs, we get regular updates about our child’s progress. There are days when I end up testing late at night but I get a reply promptly. If Divansh misses a school day, I get the list of work that was done so that Divansh is up to date.

The way teachers at Apeejay teach is so different. In other schools, it is all about academics. But during the Annual Appreciation Day, I learnt that the school has many co-curricular activities, including sports

Anjali Malhotra, Mother of Divansh of Apeejay School, Faridabad

What is the most important value that you want your son to learn?

I would want him to be a great orator. Recently, I attended the Annual Appreciation Day of the school and was impressed by the talent of the older students. I want Divansh to become confident and speak well. He is learning but he needs to hone his skills.

We live in a joint family. When people ask me, I always say I have three kids – Ayesha, Navika, and Divansh; the same goes for my sister-in-law. We don’t differentiate that he/she is mine and they are yours. So, I want Divansh to understand that sharing is caring. All children must be taught this mantra.

You were a teacher. How is the teaching at Apeejay different from other schools?

The way teachers at Apeejay teach is so different. In other schools, it is all about academics. But during the Annual Appreciation Day, I learnt that the school has many co-curricular activities, including sports. I would want Divansh to be part of these activities as well.

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