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‘My daughter has made tremendous progress since joining school offline’

The mother of two says that her daughter who is in the nursery at Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park loves all her teachers



Do doctor parents have a checklist that is different from other parents when it comes to choosing the perfect school for their child? According to Dr Shayista Amin, whose daughter Mysha Wasii Sheikh is in the nursery at Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, as doctor parents, they were a little pickier while choosing the school for their daughter and had a different standard in mind.

Dr Amin, who is an immunologist working at the National Institute of Immunology in the capital before taking a break to have a second baby said that choosing the school for her daughter came with a few riders. “At the time of the admission of my daughter, we were living near Saket and the first criterion was to look for a school near to home,” said the mother of two.

In a candid interview, the mother talks about how she always recommends the school to all her friends and family members.

What were some of the things that you were looking for during the admission process?

As doctors, my husband, Dr Wasil Rasool Sheikh, and I were a lot pickier to choose the school. Just like other doctor friends, we had made a similar list and tried to tick off which school stood where. We looked at the teacher-student ratio. We wanted a school for Mysha that would instill confidence in her so that she could be bold enough to speak her mind. We wanted her to participate in school activities as well.

Apeejay ticked off almost all the things on our list. So we are happy with the school.

What are some of the changes in Mysha since going to school?

There are so many of them and all reinstate that we made the correct decision to send her to Apeejay. My husband and I are from the Valley; I wanted my child to be able to speak and communicate her thoughts with others. I am happy that she can speak English. Over time, she will learn Hindi as well.

How is your daughter doing academically?

She is doing very well given that she had only gone for a month to a preschool. Some days I worry about her progress but her teachers reassure me that she is on the right track and learning well. To begin with, I was worried about her handwriting but the teachers worked on this aspect and she had improved. The good thing is that there is no learning pressure on her. This means going to school is not a chore for her.

Just to give an example of her progress – recently Mysha was speaking to her aunt and explaining in great detail how the earth revolves around the sun and the moon revolves around the moon. It was amazing and made me so proud of her.

We get regular updates on my daughter’s progress. In case I have some concerns, the teachers listen to what I have to say. This is a rare quality; I appreciate the feedbacks that I get

Dr Shayista Amin, Immunologist, National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi

What are some of the activities in which she participates?

All of them now that she is so confident. For every activity that the school organises, she says yes. Recently the school held Thematic Presentation. She went on the stage and said a few lines and even sang a song. She was so wonderful. Hats off to all her teachers!

How is the parent-teacher interaction?

It is good; we get regular updates on her progress. In case I have some concerns, the teachers listen to what I have to say. This is a rare quality. And we appreciate the feedbacks that we get.

What about student-teacher interaction?

That is just as good. My daughter loves both her teachers – Khushboo ma’am and Sanya ma’am. Then there is the music teacher as well. This is not one-sided. Her teachers reciprocate as well. The good part is that they discipline her too. The teachers take care of her.

Is she part of other activities besides music?

Yes, she learns yoga as well. Then there is dance. What is good is that she wants to be part of every activity that the school organises for them. She doesn’t back down from anything. She may not know it or even understand but she will stand with the others and this is what I wanted for her. She is so full of enthusiasm.

Do you think that toddlers her age be taught discipline?

This is the right age to teach kids how to speak with elders, the importance of discipline, and how to behave in public.

You are an immunologist. How can parents boost immunity in their kids?

Parents must be careful what they feed their toddlers (ages three-four). These are formative ages and the time when kids build their immunity. I only give my kids home cooked-food. Once in a while, I do give her candy but that is all. I don’t give her any processed foods at all. I also insist that she ate her veggies. Initially, she hated it but now she eats them with little fuss.

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