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Talent Treasure

‘My destination’: Poem by Ashita Goel, SJMC, Apeejay Stya University



Those sights impassioned me so near
I know how to reach my destination without fear!
There will be many who’ll sneer
But letting my aspirations go in vain , I won’t let that bear!

Someone’s waiting to watch me touch the sky
I’ll definitely do that in spite of hard pains and a loud cry
I wish to achieve my goals, that my dedication does signify
Many times I’ll let myself down, but still I’ll try!

Facing those obstacles
I will wish to give up for once
Just those shattering dreams in my mind
And nothing else for a moment to glance

But that imagined picture of reputation
Will definitely bring a message of rejuvenation
And a new hope of self creation
Will help me have an elation!

Overcoming all the challenges with that gigantic smile
Just one hand of support , I will definitely cover a mile!
No more failures, No more trials!
What’s in my mind is this
All the happiness of the world to file!