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‘It took my daughter only a week’s practice to achieve this national record’

Apeejay Svran Global School student Bhoomi Sharma creates national record by reciting the Gayatri Mantra 11 times in a minute



Apeejay Svran Global School Kindergarten student, Bhoomi Sharma is the youngest child in India to have recited the Gayatri Mantra 11 times in a minute. Her name will be featured in the new edition of the India Book of Records 2022 for the same. She received a book, gold medal, certificate, pen and a card in recognition for her record. In an exclusive interview, her mother, Mrs. Vandana Sharma shares her daughter’s inspiration, practice schedule and future targets in the world of records. Edited Excerpts: 

Please tell us the inspiration behind selecting this particular record?

My husband, Mr. Nitesh Sharma suggested to me to develop some creative habits in our children. It was at that time, that he came to know about these records. We chose the Gayatri Mantra record since I found that my daughter was reciting it very fluently. Her diction was also very clear. Actually I had heard her reciting the Gayatri Mantra in her class assembly. So, the idea came to me that she could participate and aim to break this record. My son, Tanmay Sharma in his age category (8 years) has recited the Gayatri Mantra 21 times in a minute and created the record for the same. My daughter was very much inspired after seeing her brother’s achievement. She also had the ambition to create a record. So, we started her training. She was a quick learner.

Please tell us about Bhoomi’s practice schedule?

Whenever she was in a happy mood, was enthusiastic and energetic, we only practiced then. We would practice and I would record the video. It took her only a week’s practice to achieve this record. We practiced for only half an hour a day. She picked up very quickly. She is a smart girl. (laughs)

What are her future goals in the world of records?

She is very eager to learn the Hanuman Chalisa and Shiva Tandav Stotra. Her brother has learned them and wants to break the record in that field. So she also wants to do the same in her age category. She keeps complaining to me that I don’t teach her the Shiva Tandav Stotra (laughs). She has even learnt a little bit of both and has her eyes set on the next target.

Please tell us about your emotions as a mother when Bhoomi created a new record?

When my son had broken the record I was on cloud nine. I was crying with tears of happiness. I was at a loss of words. I was so happy and proud. So, when Bhoomi created the record, she was expecting a similar reaction from me (laughs) and I must say it was such a proud moment for me to see her being felicitated by Principal Mrs Deepika Arora ma’am. I was crying once again with tears of happiness. I was speechless with joy once again. I shared the good news with all my family, relatives and friends.  

However, as a parent I would also like to mention that please don’t push your child to achieve everything in today’s competitive world. Just support them in their area of interest. Every child has unique strengths and abilities.

How has the school helped Bhoomi in pursuing her passion?

Her class teacher Ms. Devika Kapoor gives opportunities to each and every child to recite the prayers in the school and class assembly. She has encouraged Bhoomi a lot by giving her the chance to recite the prayers on many occasions. I would also like to thank Arunima ma’am and Deepika ma’am for their constant encouragement. 

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