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‘AIMETC prepares students really well for placement interviews’

Mrs Anjana Devi, mother of Riya Rana, pursuing MBA from AIMETC, says the institute is instilling enormous confidence in her daughter



Riya Rana, a first-year MBA student with the Apeejay Institute of Management & Engineering Technical Campus (AIMETC), Jalandhar, is planning to launch a startup after she completes her education. Her mother, Mrs Anjana Devi, says that she feels elated to see her daughter’s progress since she has joined the institute. In a telephonic interview, Mrs Rana shares why she thinks Apeejay has been the best pick. Edited excerpts:

Why did you choose AIMETC for Riya?

The college is really good. Initially, we had enrolled Riya in Guru Nanak Dev University but then we changed our decision and picked AIMETC for her management education. Riya’s fellow students who had completed their graduation from ACFA and are currently pursuing their MBA from AIMETC recommended Apeejay to us. A lot of my friends told me that the institute prepares students for placements really well. The faculty members are very friendly and supportive. Frequent virtual group discussions are held on each subject. My daughter finds these sessions so helpful, she is able to clarify her doubts easily. It’s nice to see Riya enjoying working on her college assignments and participating in extracurricular activities. 

What’s the progress you have seen in Riya since she joined the AIMETC?

I think Riya is more confident now. I see her discussing various subjects with her friends and faculty members. There are group discussions held and this is helping students build their confidence as well as other soft skills like communication, emotional intelligence and so on. No doubt, AIMETC is preparing students to crack placement interviews with ease. I am sure Riya will crack any placement interview in the future.  

How is your experience with the online classes?

I don’t feel any difference between the offline and online classes. Regular classes are being conducted just like the way it used to be a few months ago. All the assignments are to be submitted on time. In this way there is a proper routine maintained. 

Did you get a chance to visit the campus?

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to visit the campus yet. But I will go once the college reopens for offline classes. In fact, Riya is eagerly waiting for the college to reopen for offline classes. Even though she went only for one semester, there was not even a single day that she missed going for her classes. 

How do you encourage your daughter to participate in college activities?

My husband, Mr. Pushpinder Singh Rana has retired from Defence Services. He was posted in Agra and so, Riya completed her schooling from there. Since her childhood my daughter has taken part in all kinds of extracurricular activities conducted in school as well as in our society functions. We have always encouraged her to take part in all kinds of activities – be it music, sports, dance, etc. In AIMETC, Riya participated in debate as well as singing competitions during the PINNACLE festival

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