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UGC requests HEIs, affiliated colleges to register on FIT INDIA website



With an aim to further develop physical and mental fitness along with emotional and intellectual well-being, the University Grants Commission (UGC) issued a letter requesting higher educational institutions (HEIs) and affiliated colleges to encourage students to register themselves on the FIT INDIA portal. The FIT INDIA website was developed by the ministry of education for all students and staff of HEIs. Students and staff are encouraged to participate in fitness activities conducted at different points.

The FIT INDIA movement was launched on National Sports Day on August 29, 2019 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Some of the objectives are to make fitness an integral part of daily lifestyle as well as encourage indigenous sports. Also, to make fitness reach every college, university and educational institution.

Under this initiative, the 4th edition of FIT INDIA school week is underway from November 15 to December 15, 2022. All schools are encouraged to celebrate their annual sports events during this time period.