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This media professional explains why did she opt for journalism

Apeejay alumna Sravya, working with The Quint, shares how journalism as a field provides unlimited opportunities



What made Sravya choose journalism as her career is her love for creating content including videos. Thus, in 2020 she decided to pursue BA (Hons.) in Journalism and Mass Communication from Apeejay Stya University. The Apeejay alumna is currently working as an Associate Producer – Brand Solutions at The Quint. Alongside, she is also pursuing MA Women and Gender Studies from IGNOU. To enhance her skills as well as gain an in-depth knowledge in this field, the media professional has interned at The Quint and the Press Trust of India, across various departments of feature videos, production, news and entertainment. Read edited excerpts of her interview in which she explains what  skills are required to be part of the digital media.

What intrigued you to pursue journalism? What is the best thing you like about this field?

I think what made me choose journalism was my love for creating content as well as videos, and an urge to initiate change and voice opinions. Journalism was something that could help me shape my words and help me create conversations on issues that needed amplification.  I wouldn’t say I have got there, but yes we’re moving towards that. What I love about journalism as a field is that it provides unlimited opportunities, and one can find their passion according to their strengths.

Tell us about your role at The Quint?

I work with the Brand Solutions team here at The Quint. We partner with different brands and create content for them. We ideate, create and pitch campaigns, work on the content as well as publish the same. I work with the video team in this department as an associate producer. I also anchor sometimes. 

The Quint is purely a digital platform? How did you train yourself to be part of the digital media?

Most of my internships have been at digital platforms. So, I believe that gives me an upper hand over others who began through TV or print. And being an inherent part of the digital world where Instagram and YouTube rules the space also equips you to understand what a viewer wants and looks for in content. Digital media has its own quirks, it’s, I believe, more liberal and welcome to evolving ideas and innovations, since it’s still growing as a medium. So being a millennial really helps. Other than that, it’s really different from conventional media, so one big effort goes into unlearning what you already know and keeping yourself open to learning new things. 

What skills are required to part of the digital media

The skills are pretty much similar to that of TV or any other mediums. But what makes this different is that this is a constantly evolving, changing medium. So you have to learn to be fast, and try to stay ahead of this wave of change. The rest are just little structural changes to the format of what we already know. 

Which beats do you cover? What topics interest you?

Well I’m a Branded Content Producer. So mostly, I work on partnership content. Apart from that, I am someone who also creates/writes content on gender and related issues. I’ve worked on multiple branded projects here that were focused on gender-based conversations. 

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What qualities make a good journalist? How did Apeejay Stya University prepare for your professional journey?

I think what makes you a good journalist is the ability to analyse your content/topic from every possible angle. In addition to this one must have the ability to distinguish right from wrong,  all while telling your stories neutrally. My faculty at Apeejay taught us to question everything around us, to find answers to things, to be intrigued by the smallest developments. While most of these things in the real world are subjective, this practice has given us clarity. Sabiha Ma’am, Pushpa Ma’am have always been mentors in my professional journey. Even today, three years after completing college I would ring them up before I make any professional decision. Yes, before every step I take, I consult them.

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Working on a digital platform also means managing the stress of tight deadlines? Is that so?

We have good days and bad days. The stress is different for those in the editorial teams, while for us it’s mainly deadlines we have to meet with branded campaigns. But deadlines are smoother for digital, as compared to television.

Harshita is Assistant Editor at Apeejay Newsroom. With experience in both the Media and Public Relations (PR) world, she has worked with Careers360, India Today and Value360 Communications. A learner by nature, she is a foodie, traveller and believes in having a healthy work-life balance.