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‘My son is also an AIMETC alumnus. When it came to my daughter’s admission, I went ahead with the same college’

Mr Rajinder Pal Jaswal, parent of BCA student Sakshi Jaswal, says he appreciates the manner in which the college inculcates discipline among the students



Mr. Rajinder Pal Jaswal is a retired Subedar-major from the Indian Armed Forces. His daughter Sakshi Jaswal is a first year Bachelors in Computer Applications (BCA) student at Apeejay Institute of Management and Engineering Technical Campus, Jalandhar (AIMETC). In a quick interview with Apeejay Newsroom, Mr. Pal lists his reasons for choosing the college and highlights his daughter’s progress at AIMETC. Edited excerpts:

Why did you choose AIMETC ahead of other universities for Sakshi’s admission?

It is a very good college. My son, Akshay Singh Jaswal is also an AIMETC alumnus. He was also a BCA student there. He had a very good experience and we were very happy with AIMETC as a college. I remember, he became Mr. Pinnacle twice during his tenure as a student. So, when it came to my daughter’s admission in BCA, we confidently went ahead with AIMETC again. 

Please tell us about Sakshi’s progress at AIMETC?

Sakshi is performing very well at college. She secured a decent 72% in her first semester exams. Her teachers always support her and are there in case of any difficulty faced by her. I don’t think she has much of an interest in extra-curricular activities. But she has an avid interest in sports and participates in all the athletics competitions organised in the campus.

Are the teachers engaging well with the students?

Yes, they are teaching really well. The teachers are truly good.  I would like to name Professor Handa and  Professor  Rajeev. They are excellent teachers. I have met them a few times during my visits to the campus.  Professor Handa was my son’s class teacher and  Professor Rajeev is my daughter’s class teacher at present.

What is the best thing about AIMETC?

I would say it is the discipline which the college inculcates in the students. AIMETC has really good teachers and a very good environment in the college. These are all top qualities. I have visited the campus 3-4 times and I liked the campus a lot. It is very beautiful.

How has the experience of the online classes been for Sakshi?

The campus opened last October. Sakshi had taken both doses of the Covid vaccine so we sent her to the campus for regular physical classes. We have always preferred the physical classes. I feel it is difficult for the teacher to give individual attention to every student in the online classes. However, the teachers at AIMETC were giving absolutely full efforts in the online classes. They took the online classes regularly as well as timely.

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