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‘My elder daughter won the coveted Dr. Stya Paul Award in class 7’

Mrs. Sarwat Jahangir, mother of Apeejay Nerul students, Zara and Maira Jahangir, says both her children enjoy going to school and were keenly looking forward to the resumption of offline classes



Mr. Irfan Jahangir, Vice-President HR with Hiranandani Group and Mrs. Sarwat Jahangir, a homemaker are glad that their daughters enrolled at Apeejay School, Nerul . Their elder daughter Zara Jahangir is studying in class 10 and the younger, Maira Jahangir is a student of Nursery. In a short interview, Mrs. Jahangir highlights the school’s rich teaching legacy and declares that the school renders a profound positive impact on students. Edited excerpts:

 Why did you choose Apeejay Nerul for the admission of both your daughters?

 We shifted to Nerul from Mumbai after our marriage.  I had noticed that the children of our neighbours here were studying at Apeejay School, Nerul. Later, I visited a few schools in Nerul but I found Apeejay Nerul as the best option. It is near our home, so proximity was also a reason. Besides, the admission process happened smoothly. Zara was able to clear the school interview in the first attempt itself. Honestly speaking, we were slightly surprised when we heard back from the school within a few days of the interview. Also, since my elder daughter has had a very good experience at the school and I have also gained an idea about the school’s approach towards education, we decided to enroll our second child here as well.

 Please tell us a bit about Zara and Maira and take us through their progress at school?

Zara is very good at studies. She is one of the toppers in her class. She had received the prestigious Dr. Stya Paul Award in class 7 itself. So, one can clearly make out that she is a very gifted student. She is good not only in academics but in extracurricular and sports activities as well. Recently, the school started with skating classes and she has joined it and is really enjoying them. Though, I must say that basketball remains her favourite sport.

Maira is very excited to go to the school. Actually, today was her second day at school for offline classes. Before that she only had some online classes. So, we as parents were very eager to send both our children to school. We gladly filled up the consent form keeping in mind their holistic growth and education. Both of them like English and Math among the subjects at school. Both but especially Maira is keenly interested in drawing, poetry and dance.

Are the teachers engaging and supporting the students well?

Yes, absolutely. I would like to say that Maira’s class teacher. Tanuja Sarkar Ma’am is the best teacher. She had previously also taught Zara in Nursery class. Now, Maria also has the fortune to be taught by her. I was very happy back then and I am equally happy now. Tanuja Ma’am has been teaching in the school for the past many years. Her way of teaching is very nice, all the kids instantly give their attention to her and enjoy the process of learning.

What is the best thing about Apeejay School, Nerul?

The kids enjoy a lot at school and come home happy. They enjoy everything be it academics or any other field of learning. At school, they also learn the importance of discipline. I would also mention that our child has never come home after learning anything bad from the school. Be it bad manners or any other mal-influence. That speaks a lot. 

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