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‘Practicals, group discussions at Apeejay Nerul have helped my child get thorough understanding of concepts’

Performance improvement and good etiquette are some of the developments that Mugdha Kulkarni’s children have shown at Apeejay



Mother of Apeejay Nerul students Anshul and Abha, Mugdha Kulkarni was primarly concerned about the teaching quality and style while picking a school for her kids, more than any other criteria. The mother worked at IIT Bombay in a project as the Primary Investigator under the department of Science and Technology (DST). She also worked as a visiting faculty at Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey (SNDT) Women’s University, Juhu. Currently a homemaker and a private tutor, Mugdha tells us how Apeejay has fostered the overall growth of Anshul, a class 9 student who has already authored two books, and Abha, who is in class 3. Edited excerpts:

What made you think Apeejay Nerul would be the right choice for your children?

We shifted Anshul to Apeejay Nerul from another school in the third standard. As a parent, my primary focus was that wherever my child studies, his concepts should be very clear. Apeejay Nerul’s pedagogy turned out to be ideal for Anshul. I did some research on the school and also got great feedback from other parents. My husband Shailesh Kulkarni, Deputy General Manager, HPCL, was also on board. He takes keen interest in our child’s development and has been very supportive. That’s how I decided to enroll my children in Apeejay.

In what ways do the teachers ensure clarity in concepts?

As a teacher, I was well aware of what kind of preparation you need for competitive exams. First and foremost, you need a thorough understanding of the concerned subjects. Apeejay Nerul has a wonderful team of teachers who ensure this.

Till the time Anshul went to school physically, he would have practicals, enrichment sessions, group discussions, etc. In the online mode too, the students are assigned various enrichment activities to keep learning a fun exercise, all while helping them study a concept in great detail and get better clarity. My son has shown a lot of development in that regard.

Is the school helping Anshul in any way to prepare for competitive exams?

Students are always welcome to contact their subject teachers directly whenever they have any doubts with regard to any competitive exam or lectures. Besides, the online classes are being held so well that our children are not lagging behind in any way. The topics that they have covered so far are embedded in their minds clearly.

What kind of developments have you noticed in Anshul and Abha since the time they joined Apeejay?

Once, when Anshul was in the third standard and the school was practicing for their annual day, his teacher saw him writing something in between rehearsals. Later, we got to know that he was utilising his free time to pen a storybook. This could happen because of his teachers’ constant encouragement and support, and I am really thankful to them. The book is now available on Amazon. Anshul also wrote his second book in the first pandemic lockdown.

The best thing about Apeejay is that all the students are made to feel equal. They are encouraged to their true selves and contribute to the best of their abilities. Every student is allowed to voice their opinion. These practices have helped my children develop a lot of confidence and have had a positive impact on their personalities. Their performance levels, public speaking skills, and body language have all improved a lot. They have also picked up good etiquette.

Has your younger child Abha been able to adapt to the online classes?

It is quite a task for the teachers to make young children sit in front of the computer for a long duration and I would like to express my gratitude to the teachers for doing an incredible job in that aspect. My daughter had some trouble concentrating in online classes initially but gradually, she developed interest and got involved. In the process, she has learned a lot about how to use a computer. She has been grasping all the lessons well.

How do the teachers attract students’ attention?

Just like in the case of Anshul, Abha and her classmates are made to present on a particular topic that may have been taught in the class earlier. On other occasions, the teacher may narrate a value education story and encourage children to give their inputs. They also celebrate various festivals and important days through performances, activities, etc. Throughout, the teachers try their best to encourage every child to participate in these events.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.