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‘The last two years of online class at Apeejay Nerul have shown the immense patience that teachers have’

Parents Swaroop Biswas and Sharmistha Biswas say that education at Apeejay School, Nerul, is not just limited to completing the syllabus



While children were confined to their homes amid the pandemic, what uplifted their spirits were those few hours with their classmates and teachers via online classes. Even in the virtual mode, Apeejay School, Nerul, helped maintain a sense of normalcy by engaging and interacting with children through various activities, say Swaroop Biswas, Manager, De Beers Group Auctions, and Sharmistha Biswas, stock trader and homemaker, parents of Shivraj, a student of class II at the school. In an interview, the parents talk about the teachers’ immense dedication to their job, the overall educational environment at school, and more. Edited excerpts:

Was it someone’s recommendation or your own research that made you pick Apeejay School, Nerul, for your son?

Swaroop: In 2018, while searching for schools in Navi Mumbai that would live up to our expectations, the name that topped our list was Apeejay School, Nerul. When we did further research, we found the school’s teaching staff to be extremely qualified, which attracted us. We also went through the school’s previous scholastic achievements, which were equally impressive.

Sharmistha: When we talked to friends in our neighbourhood, most of them suggested Apeejay Nerul for my child because of the quality of education and teaching. We were also impressed to see their student selection process.

Tell us about your interaction with the teachers.

Swaroop: I found the teachers to be very cordial. They interact with parents, explaining how their child is developing, their areas of interest, areas that are their strength or can be worked upon, and so on.

Do you find the teachers investing in children’s individual growth, in both academics and extra-curricular activities?

Sharmistha: Right from nursery, I have seen how teachers encourage the students to participate in extra-curricular activities, from story-telling competitions to recitation and many more. While I was a little hesitant in the beginning, I was amazed to see the way the teachers trained these young children. They equally motivate parents to send their children for practice sessions.

Swaroop: Given the class strength, it can be challenging for a teacher to manage them all. However, at Apeejay Nerul, the teachers not only know each child by his or her name but also keep track of their growth and development. It is remarkable that the teachers make an effort to ensure every child is given the right opportunity to hone their talent.

Are online classes at Apeejay Nerul working out well for your son?

Swaroop: These are challenging times for all of us. Apeejay Nerul, however, handled the situation really well; they tweaked their system without compromising on education. The school continued to have at least three to four hours of online class every day. Having attended the classes a few times, I know it is difficult to manage so many students in an online setup. But I have never noticed any unpreparedness on the part of the teachers; they tackle students really well.

Sharmistha: In the last two years of online classes, I have seen the teachers display immense patience. They are not in a hurry to somehow complete the syllabus in class or make it all about the books. They interact with students and answer each of their questions, however immature they might be. The teacher, in fact, encourages them to ask more and more questions.

Are you satisfied with the education imparted to students?

Sharmistha: At Apeejay Nerul, education is not merely about what the syllabus comprises. The knowledge that is imparted often goes beyond that. Whenever a topic is taught in class, it is explained through various relevant and practical examples. Thanks to this, my son’s general knowledge is very good.

Has your son ever felt overburdened with the curriculum?

Swaroop: Whether a child is feeling overburdened is often subjective. However, my son has never complained of being overly stressed with his school assignments. At the same time, I believe pushing your children a little helps in expanding their abilities.

What methods do teachers use in an online class to keep young children engaged?

Sharmistha: Teachers use many innovative techniques, from audio and video clips to role-play, stories, and other activities. Children are not going to school, so these activities help prevent boredom. Even in the online mode, the school maintains decorum and disciplin.e, from conducting an excellent assembly, including news reading and performances, to following strict timings and so on. My son and all the other students enjoy the classes a lot.

Swaroop: The pandemic has taken a toll on children. The only social network that the young ones have is the school. At the beginning of a class, the teacher allows students to speak for about 10 mins to share their thoughts and problems, and every big or small incident they have experienced.

Does the school inculcate human values in children?

Swaroop: Yes, Apeejay does focus on value-based education. It helps the child to grow and become a confident person, an independent thinker, a compassionate human being, and have a balanced emotional quotient (EQ). Overall, it is engineering a good society by creating good citizens.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.