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‘Dubai health facilities going paperless is a great move’

Dr Sumeer Gandha made it big in the ‘Smart’ city of Dubai. In an interview, he highlights how, “The place is home to several Indian doctors”



Dr Sumeer Gandha’s medical practice spans nearly two decades. In these years not only has he gained the necessary expertise in the field of Dentistry, but also focussed on continually learning about new technologies and upskilling himself. In the tech-driven Smart Dubai city, he has found a comfortable home for his family, and he enjoys the different cultures, cuisines and conversations that it has to offer. Read on, as Dr Gandha shares more about his journey. Edited excerpts from the interview:

What is your educational background?

I am an Apeejay alumnus. I studied at Apeejay’s pre-primary school in Mahavir Marg, Apeejay School, Model Town and Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg in Jalandhar till 2000. My schooling from Nursery to 12 was done in these schools. Not only that, my whole family has studied from Apeejay, right from my cousins to brother and nephews. Honestly, if I was residing in Jalandhar today, even after two decades, I would still choose Apeejay for my children. I recall many teachers from the school, and I have so many friends from there too.

After my years in the school, I pursued an undergraduate degree in Baba Jaswant Singh Dental College & Hospital, Ludhiana till 2006.

Do tell us about your professional journey.

Starting the same year after graduating, I practiced for a few years in Jalandhar as a dentist. And then, in 2014, I decided to move with my family to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), based on a recommendation from a patient.

Currently, my residence is in Sharjah. I have found that Dubai and Sharjah cities are very welcoming to Indians. Further, it is very endearing to meet fellow Indians around, especially those who come from your city. Only recently, I met someone who was an Apeejayite too! I feel closer to home here.

Is it difficult for an Indian doctor to start practice in Dubai?

No. But professionals need to have a few years’ work experience before moving to Dubai. In the UAE, there are 7 Emirates and 3 Medical Boards. So, one has to apply and take an exam from any of the three boards depending where they want to practice.

In my case, the medical licence has been authorised by Dubai Health Authority and I am free to practice anywhere in Dubai. There are regulations and provisions in case a doctor wishes to transfer from one city to another in the Emirates. Largely, Indian doctors are doing well in the region and many healthcare facilities are also owned by Indians.

What does your work-life look like?

Currently, I am associated with two clinics, namely, Sikka Dental and Clinica Maria Medical Center in Dubai. I divide my time between these two workstations. Overall, the work culture in the city is very good. And, the best part is that people respect holidays and Sundays. So, even if I share my number with a patient as courtesy, they do not call directly, so as to maintain boundaries.

Any new developments in the field of Dentistry?

A major change is that the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has made medical records available electronically for patients in some of its health facilities. It also provides real-time alerts, warnings and flags to draw attention to changes in the patient medication or patient condition. This new system eliminates the need for manual files and ensures that if patients visit multiple DHA health facilities they still have only one unified medical record. This has been done to promote sustainability, following the vision of a Smart city. It is a great move!

What’s very interesting each year is the A-Dec show in Dubai where exporters and companies from all over the world come to showcase their skills and technologies. And, due to steady technological advancement in the domain, root canals are now becoming painless for patients. And, the extractions are not that painful as well.

Your experience at Apeejay?

I was the Vice-Head Boy of my school. And, I vividly recall that once I got a chance to see the Founder-Chairman, Dr. Stya Paul and his family. They paid a visit to our school due to an official ceremony. And, I was extremely impressed with the way they carried themselves. Not only that, his granddaughter accompanied the students via a train to Jalandhar and spent her time with them. It meant a lot! And, knowing that, I feel proud that I am an Apeejayite because the school teaches us the same values of simplicity and high-thinking. Apart from those, our teachers have taught us discipline, good values, writing skills, just to name a few. These help me a lot, even today, in my profession.

Your tips for those looking to practice in Dubai?

Stick to your worth and be mentally prepared to deal with challenges. 

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