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‘Ramayana’: Poem by Sanchit Gupta, Apeejay School, Model Town 




Long time ago in Dashrath the Bear’s kingdom,
King welcomed his son who was the roop of hari and full of wisdom.
His name was Rama,
Who is the lion in our drama. 
When the lion studied in a school,
His guru said he is a pure jewel.
He was the master of archery,
Who did not worry.

The lion went to Janaka, the Reechh’s kingdom,
When he was almost 30 years old,
Where he found Sita’s hands to hold.

When lion and lioness were getting married, Lord Parshuram came and in his eyes anger he carried.
He told the lion that he broke the great bow,
But the lion, plant of love and kindness did sow.
Parshuram was happy,
And the couple got married. 

Months passed in lion’s castle with his wife,
Lion was going to become king in his life.
But his stepmother’s promise was too strong,
Rama, Sita and Lakshman had to go to exile, 
According to the scripture, no one was wrong. 

When they left for exile and settled in the Dandak forest,
Which after being touched by them became the purest.
They made up a gorgeous small hut,
Where they lived with comfort.
Surpanakha, then came to marry Rama and Lakshman,
And the lion had a reaction.
Laskman cut her nose,
As he was hard to propose.

Then Sita saw a golden deer,
Rama saw a demon in it but Sita’s wish was more dear
And so, Rama ran to kill the animal,
But Sita waited for the lion and hoped for a miracle.

Then, Ravana, the fox, came as a saint,
He could not cross the Lakshman rekha and he feared to faint.
He then told Sita to cross the line,
And he forced her to sit in his chariot divine.
He then flew off to Lanka, the golden city,
But in the forest Rama slept into pity.

Searching for Sita he met the Ageing Eagle,
Who told them that in the South went evil.
Searching for Sita he met the Vaanar army,
Where Hanuman met his Hari.
They told them about the ornaments they found,
And what they heard in Sita’s sound.
Then, quickly they rushed South.

In Ashok vatika, Hanuman found Sita,
After 10 days they got the way,
Where the Arabian sea met Bengal’s Bay. 
They started the battle by killing Kumbhakarna,
Then Rama said this is a battle of Dharma.
They fought Indrajeet Ravana’s son,
By bursting his yagya, they drowned his sun.
Then the moment of truth came,
It was Rama’s or Ravana’s end game.

Both battled,
And the world shattered.
While Ravana was proud,
Universe was holding onto a dark cloud.
But Rama vowed to kill that cloud,
Then Ravana started to laugh aloud.

Then Vibhishan told Rama to shoot at Ravana’s navel,
By shooting the arrow Ravana became unstable.
He fell on the ground,
And Rama took the world abound.

 Sanchit Gupta
Class: V A
Apeejay School, Model Town