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Delhi CM launches ‘Make India No. 1’ mission; education and healthcare in focus



Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, has announced a ‘Make India No. 1’ mission focusing on education, healthcare, agriculture and employment.

The minister recently stated that India has achieved a lot since its independence but is still lagging behind several nations which gained independence after it. “We have to make India the number 1 nation in the world once again. We have to make India great again. We are beginning a national mission called ‘Make India No.1’ today. Every citizen of this country, 130 crore people have to be connected to this mission,” he added.

He mentioned that opening schools, hospitals, providing employment to youth, and equal rights to women is needed to make India number one in the world. He underlined that the mission should be a bipartition movement and all political parties should join hands to make it possible.