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Cisco Study: Merely 26% of Indian organisations ready for AI deployment



Cisco’s inaugural AI Readiness Index, released on November 16, 2023 indicates that only 26 per cent of organisations in India are fully prepared to deploy and leverage AI-powered technologies. The index, based on a survey of over 8,000 global companies, was developed in response to the widespread adoption of AI affecting various aspects of business and daily life.

Highlighting the overall readiness, the research unveils that 26 per cent of companies globally are categorised as Pacesetters (fully prepared). In India, one-third of companies (32 per cent) are labelled as Laggards (unprepared), with 1 per cent, and followers (limited preparedness) at 31 per cent.

The report also reveals that 75 per cent of Indian respondents believe they have a maximum of one year to implement an AI strategy before their organisations begin to experience significant negative business impacts. While 95 per cent of organisations globally have a highly defined AI strategy or are in the process of developing one, the report emphasises that there is still work to be done in this regard.

On the infrastructure front, the report notes that 95 per cent of businesses worldwide are aware that AI will increase infrastructure workloads. However, in India, only 39 per cent of organisations consider their infrastructure highly scalable. Similarly, 39 per cent of companies in India state limited or no scalability when addressing new AI challenges within their current IT infrastructures. To meet the heightened power and computing demands of AI, over two-thirds (68 per cent) of companies will require additional data center graphics processing units (GPUs) to support current and future AI workloads.

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