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‘Children can express their emotions via Art’



Manav Gupta

Museums and galleries around the world are finding innovative ways to translate their exhibitions online for viewers everywhere to discover at home. Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park too succeeded in organizing a 3D virtual Art Exhibition. Apeejay School Panchsheel Park organised an event- ‘Resplendence The Virtual Art Exhibition-Journey Through Canvas’. Mrs. Ritu Mehta, Principal Apeejay School Panchsheel Park said, “Apeejay Panchsheel Park has taken a step forward in the virtual platform by organizing an art exhibition.”

The event started with a classical dance performed by the students of Apeejay Panchsheel Park. Mr. Manav Gupta, was the chief guest of the event. He is a renowned Artist, Founder & Creative Director of Earth Foundation. He is one of the top ten contemporary artists of India. “Art augments creativity, imagination and provides opportunities to children to think and express themselves independently while developing social awareness therefore resplendence exhibits the creative work of our students using the limited resources in this unconventional time of pandemic,” the principal said.

Quoting famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso on the artist within every child, she said, “At this difficult time, art has come as a rescue for children. They can express their emotions in the form of colors and creativity. This event is an initiative for young buds to express themselves through colours on canvas and make them bloom in an aesthetic and joyful manner.” While unveiling a painting at the event, Manav Gupta proudly said that he is a part of Apeejay family. “Picasso said about the child in an artist and an artist in a child. When we grow up, we have to retain a child in us.”

Sharing his learnings from his journey of life, he said, “From challenges and sufferings, beauty and joy, innovation evolves. When you are not comfortable and you are hungry, you then seek your own path.”
“When I was a child and used to live in Kolkata, we used to study under the street lights due to load shedding. All these struggles have given me a great insight.  It is a blessing in a way. When such challenges and tough times come, consider yourself as God’s child and a chosen one.”

“I believe that I was nurtured by nature. There is a lot to learn from nature. I always see nature as a laboratory of art,” he said. Giving suggestions to the blooming students to go outside and see trees. Have a chat with them and then sketch the trees, he said. It is such poetry and a wonderful sculpture. “My rainforest series is all about light and colour. Light is hope for me. The forests have a lot to teach us. There is a lot of darkness in the forest but there is always a light. So find it,” he said.

He asked the students to never see the obstacles, rather see what is beyond those obstacles. “Nothing can stop you if you are passionate,” he concluded. Further in the event, a tour of the 3D virtual exhibition was shown. The different art forms made by the students were shared before announcing the results.

“Whatever be your challenge, face it and conquer it. Never give up.”

-Manav Gupta

Asst Editor ( Newsroom ), who has an experience of a decade in core journalism. Credibility, courage, timelines and media ethics are some of her professional traits.You can reach her at: [email protected]