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‘At the School of Design and Visual Arts, Asmitt is truly learning the meaning of design-making’

Colonel James R Dutta Roy, father of School of Design and Visual Arts student Asmitt Dutta Roy, speaks about his son’s penchant for expressing his ideas through the use of colour



The word design is what constitutes the universe. The same goes for human life. While some things fall within our hands, some are a part of a larger design. But let us leave the larger design to the workings of fate and focus instead on the artistic skill of design making. Meet Colonel James R Dutta Roy, father of Asmitt Dutta Roy, first year student at School of Design and Visual Arts, Apeejay Stya University (ASU).

In a short interview, Colonel Roy discusses his reasons for choosing the college and speaks about his son’s passion for design making. Edited excerpts:  

What were your reasons for choosing School of Design and Visual Arts, ASU for your child’s admission?

After Asmitt’s CBSE board exam results, we went college hunting. We were fortunate to be offered seats in several institutions. However, when I spoke with the faculty at School of Design and Visual Arts, ASU, I enjoyed the confidence they raised in me. Later, when I met them personally, I found the vibe very positive and reassuring. So, these two reasons were the major considerations for choosing the college where Asmitt would stay, learn, evolve and then go ahead in life. Also, the scholarship that the college offered was another incentive. So all these reasons made my decision very easy.

 Please tell us a bit about Asmitt? What activities does he enjoy the most?

Asmitt is a nice chap. He is slightly taller than me. His favourite hobbies include sleeping, playing video games, watching videos on YouTube and chatting with friends.  He was actually looking forward to being on the college campus. He was excited about meeting new people face to face, rubbing shoulders with them in a real life setting. Sitting at home in front of a computer screen doesn’t really feel the same way but there isn’t much we can do about that.

Are the teachers engaging well with him?

Yes, they are. We have no complaints about that. Asmitt seems to be getting along fairly well with all his teachers. So far, no one has called me to complain about him, going by my own track record there would have definitely been a complaint by now (laughs). But Asmitt has been doing well at the college. He hasn’t yet had the time-frame and the opportunity to have a favourite teacher because there are so many teachers teaching various subjects. But with more time, he will settle in a bit more.  

What is the best thing about the School of Design and Visual Arts, ASU?

Asmitt tells me that the best thing about the college is that he gets to express himself through his drawings.  He enjoys putting his emotions into a design and then making a design to which he relates to, a design which expresses his emotions and perspectives.

What is the most important lesson that Asmit has learned so far from his classes?

He has learned how to use poster colours, how to make designs. He also learned how to use his own ideas, put other ideas into his ideas and make a new design. He is truly learning the meaning of making a design. 

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