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‘Teachers at Rhythms Kinderworld are so invested in childcare that parents don’t need to worry’

‘My son once came to the kitchen to ask if I needed help. He revealed it was his teacher who taught him this!’ says Dr Varsha Ukrani



Dr Varsha Ukrani and Dr Jateen Ukrani with their son Linoy

Dr Varsha Ukrani, a child psychiatrist, believes Apeejay Rhythms Kinderworld offers everything that is essential for early childhood development. The improvements that she has seen in her child Linoy, who studies in the school, are proof. In an interview, Dr Ukrani tells us more about how the teachers make efforts to build children’s communication skills, curiosity to learn, and more. Read on:

What made you consider Apeejay Rhythms Kinderworld?

I wanted a school that would focus on my child’s holistic development and not just academics. I heard of Apeejay Rhythms Kinderworld from my neighbour who had a great experience with the school. She not only told me about the teaching pattern but also about the friendliness of the teachers. She knew about my child’s picky eating habits, but assured me that the teachers will take care of this aspect as well. I have been fortunate enough to see all of this happening with my child at Rhythms Kinderworld.

How well has the school lived up to your expectations?

The school has surpassed my expectations. In the beginning, Linoy struggled a little with separation anxiety. However, his teacher Aditi ma’am took a lot of effort to help him out. She called me on her own thinking of the possible reasons or solutions for it. The school head Komal ma’am also sat with me to discuss issues we commonly see in children. Everything was very well taken care of.

Have the teachers been able to improve your child’s eating habits?

Yes, the teachers in the school are making an effort to introduce a variety of foods to my child.

Do you think the teaching methods used in class have been good enough to develop a sense of curiosity in your child?

Completely! The children learn through play. As a child psychiatrist, I think the essentials of child development are all being met at Apeejay. Even the online classes were very well planned. Initially, my husband and I were adamant about not giving screen exposure to Linoy. But the online classes ensured sensory integration–exposure to all five senses–through various activities. Everything that is done in class is very thoughtful and impacts children’s development in a positive way. I am very satisfied with the school.

What improvements have you seen in your child?

Linoy’s communication skills have improved tremendously. At home, he was mainly exposed to Hindi but now he is gradually picking up English. He comes up with a new song daily and tries to teach me (laughs). To my surprise, he once came to the kitchen to ask if I needed some help. He revealed it was his teacher who taught him this!

Is a child’s emotional quotient also taken care of?

Yes, and that is exactly what we wanted as parents. He has improved in his social interactions. He has been interacting with friends in class and it is the teachers who are making it happen. The class celebrates birthdays or has playdates, which are effective. Now, he is participating in the summer camp which is a very good initiative by the school.

How well does the school ensure children’s safety?

I have never had to worry about that! The teachers receive the students right at the entrance of the school. They hand over the children to the parents with all the feedback from the day. In the class also, their safety is well taken care of.

The teachers are always available to address parents’ concerns. Being doctors, my husband and I keep busy throughout the day. At times, I have troubled Linoy’s teacher during the night as well, but she has always responded. The teachers are so invested in childcare that we don’t have to worry at all.

Post Rhythms Kinderworld, are you planning to continue with Apeejay?

Yes, that is our plan. We have heard positive reviews about Apeejay from others. Many Apeejay alumni are well-established in their careers today.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.