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‘Apeejay Model Town takes care of the mental well-being of children’

Class 2 student Atibha’s mother Tanya Mahajan says the school is always open to taking feedback from parents



Not just academics, Apeejay Model Town enriches each child by focusing on every aspect of their growth, says Tanya Mahajan, mother of class 2 student Atibha. Tanya, a lawyer who practices with her father, who himself works at the J&K High Court, explains how the school’s innovative approaches benefit students. Read on:

Why did you opt for Apeejay Model Town for your daughter?

Our elder son Eraaj was enrolled first. We were very happy with the facilities and the way Apeejay handled our child, who is now in class 4. So, when it was Atibha’s turn to join school, we did not look for any other institution.

How does the overall environment at school help nurture children?

Academics is not the only focus; Apeejay prioritises every aspect of a child’s overall growth. They focus on the mental well-being of a child, which is of immense importance. If the child does not feel comfortable with certain teachers or a certain way of teaching, they always take such things into consideration and give a positive response.

Do they also take parents’ suggestions when it comes to such situations?

Yes, we were called to school last year during the pandemic by the principal to share our feedback with them. That was a very positive approach. Every time there is a parent-teacher meeting, each of the teachers takes our feedback, which I think is very important. Whenever a new parent asks us to recommend a school, Apeejay Model Town is the one we suggest. We are very satisfied with the institution.

Does the school focus on building children’s emotional quotient?

Yes, because of the pandemic, children’s emotional quotient was deeply impacted. I am hoping to see the school take more initiatives to address this aspect.

How do teachers ensure children’s confidence is boosted?

It was only in the past two years that we discovered Atibha’s exceptional reading skills. During the online classes, her teacher appreciated her despite being in a setup where she had to manage a large number of children virtually. She took personal care of our child to understand what she was good at and where she needed to improve. That built her confidence. Every time we spoke to the class teacher, she gave us a positive response.  

What is your opinion about the school curriculum?

The USP of Apeejay is its well-designed, age-appropriate curriculum. There is never any burden on the child. If there is a unit test, the syllabus is bare minimum so that the students get their concepts clear. This is often compromised if the syllabus is too much to cope with.

Do you think Apeejay’s activity-based learning method is useful for children?

Activity-based learning is what makes children feel very happy. They are taken to different laboratories for instance to show how things operate. They ensure the students develop a practical understanding of what they learn in the books. Eraaj made a motor-operated instrument by assembling pieces of different toy cars—while the inspiration came from a YouTube video, his teacher told him about specific mechanics.

Every child has a different level of intelligence and perspective. What is important is to encourage what he or she likes and help learn more about their area of interest. Eraaj is curious about technology. Coming to Atibha, she has picked up very good reading skills and has a good understanding of pauses and expressions.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.