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‘Teachers at ACFA form authentic, caring relationships with their students’

Sonia Talwar, mother of Raina, who is pursuing her BBA from the Apeejay College of Fine Arts (ACFA), says teaching is not a 9-5 job for the faculty



Sonia Talwar with her spouse Amit Talwar and daughter Raina Talwar

Sonia Talwar is a homemaker while her spouse Amit Talwar runs a printing business in Jalandhar. Their daughter, Raina Talwar, is a final year BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) student of ACFA. In an interview, Sonia elaborates how ACFA helped her daughter blossom in all aspects of life. Edited excerpts:

Why did you pick ACFA for Sonia’s higher education?
I am myself an alumnus of ACFA. I did my post-graduation in Interior Designing and Cosmetology from ACFA and was a Gold Medalist. I had a great college experience and learned so much under the guidance of my teachers. In fact, I shared a deep and personal relationship with all my teachers, hence picking ACFA for my daughter was a no-brainer. There’s a tendency among some parents to send their children to metros for higher education, but when you have a quality institution in your city, it’s a huge relief to parents.

Take us through her progress over the years.
I am elated with her progress till now. Raina has topped the exams for two consecutive years. She also actively participates in debates and declamation competitions. The faculty at ACFA is highly qualified and ensures that the potential of every student is unearthed. Teaching for them is not a 9-5 job. They form authentic, caring relationships with their students. This was true during my time as well. Talking about the pandemic, the classes were held on time and lessons were imparted with full dedication and commitment. WhatsApp groups were also formed to help students get in touch with teachers to allay any doubt or query. Teachers must be credited for responding to every query of students. What’s also worth mentioning is the emphasis given on practical training and hands-on experience. Students are given opportunities to intern with reputed firms and be industry ready.

Share with us your most memorable moment.
Raina was over the moon when she was elected as the Joint Secretary of the Students’ Welfare Association (SWA). It was a big moment for her. As a parent, I believe this post will develop her team-leadership skills.

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