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‘Quality education is possible in small cities’

Shakun Mehta, mother of Harsh Mehta, a third-year student of Bachelor of Design in Apeejay College of Fine Arts (ACFA) Jalandhar, says it’s a myth that good educational opportunities are confined just to metros.



Shakun Mehta with her husband Gulshan Mehta and son Harsh

Shakun is a makeup artist while her husband Gulshan Mehta runs a textiles business in Jalandhar. Their 21-year-old son, Harsh, is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Design – Interior/Fashion/Textile from ACFA. In a candid chat, Shakun explains why Harsh enrolled at AFCA, his progress till now, and more. Edited excerpts:

Tell us why you picked ACFA?

My husband has a textiles business in Jalandhar. We wanted our son to take the business to new heights by learning Fashion, Textiles and Interior Designing. We believed there’s no better college than ACFA to make him well-acquainted with the tricks of the trade. Harsh, too, is interested in designing. Also, ACFA is a popular college in our city and many of their students have emerged as prominent public figures.

There’s a general perception that to avail quality education one has to move to metros. Is it true?

Most of us think that grass is always greener on the other side. Thankfully, we were clear in our heads. As I said earlier, Apeejay is a big brand in Jalandhar and we know the value it brings to the table. It has an excellent faculty and offers ample opportunities for growth. My brother-in-law’s daughter has studied from ACFA and she informed us that the course curriculum focuses on practical experience, industry interaction, exhibition, display, international exposure and use of modern infrastructure for the training of students. Colleges such as ACFA show that quality education is possible in small cities. So, why send your child away to some other city when you can get a robust education in your backyard?

How has your experience been till now?

It has been great despite the pandemic. Teachers have ensured that classes are held regularly and students’ understood what’s being taught in the class. They have shown no laxity which is commendable. Now that the college has opened, I expect Harsh to learn even more. I am also elated that Harsh was made the Head Boy of the college. He was rewarded for his good communication skills and a mature and thoughtful outlook.

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