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Apeejay Pitampura toppers soar high in class 12 CBSE exams



With more than 100 students from the school scoring over 90 per cent in their class 12 exams in a year in which the pandemic changed the way we led our lives, Ms Veena Goel, Principal, Apeejay School, Pitampura, has good reason to be elated. “I am very happy with the results because the CBSE couldn’t have found a better way of doing it in the present circumstances. We had a lot of apprehensions initially, but the way the CBSE arrived at the algorithm and gave weightage to the performance in classes 10, 11 and 12 worked out very well,” says Goel.

As many as 103 students from Apeejay, Pitampura, have secured 90 per cent or above in the results declared on July 30. Apeejay Newsroom decided to pick the brains of a few good toppers to unravel the mantras behind their success.

Commerce topper Raghav Mittal, who scored 99/100 in three subjects – Accountancy, Economics and Business Studies — says getting good grades in CBSE exams is a function of working smartly. One needs to customise one’s approach to tackling every subject he says. “Never procrastinate. Focus on concepts and begin putting them into practice from day one of your class 12. This is as true for Accountancy as it is for Economics.”

Mittal managed to score 98 in both Math and English. “Improving your language and English literature isn’t a sprint, it is more like a marathon. You cannot achieve it unless you do a small piece of writing every day.”

Mittal credits the teachers at Apeejay School, Pitampura led by their dynamic principal and the school management for the way they did not let the Covid-19 pandemic derail the curriculum or the exam schedule. “Our teachers did a great job in online teaching. I used to think our teachers may not be so tech-savvy. But they adapted quickly to the situation within days. Our online classes were really interactive and full of stimulating discussions,” he says.

Mittal says the school has always encouraged students not to be one-dimensional. “I have played badminton at the state level and was ranked number 3 in the under-13 age category before I had to stop playing owing to an injury in class 10.” His future plans: Doing his B.Com (Honours) from the prestigious Shri Ram College of Commerce at Delhi University and subsequently become a businessman and an investor.

Science topper Akshit Bansal scored an awe-inspiring 100/100 in Mathematics. He says his mantra to crack a cent per cent score is to ignore rote learning. “I like math-based subjects since they involve understanding concepts and their application as opposed to rote learning. My advice to those who want to pursue Math is to understand concepts and then practice them regularly.”
Bansal gives credit to his Math teacher in class 11 and 12 for inculcating this habit. “Suman Ma’am was very patient with anybody who wanted to clear doubts. She explained any doubts that were raised by my classmates and me. Also, since my father is an engineer from Delhi Technological University, I began appreciating the concepts of Math and Sciences early in my childhood. Now, I want to pursue a B.Tech degree from the Indian Institute of Technology and follow in my father’s footsteps.”
Bansal says his biggest non-academic indulgence is watching sports events. “These days I am hooked to the Olympics and am following every move of our athletes in the Indian contingent at Tokyo.”

Humanities topper Prisha Gaba says she treated NCERT books as her Bible. Gaba scored an astounding 98.8% in her stream with the highlight being identical scores of 99 in Economics, Psychology, History and Political Science. “I relied on mnemonics that we were taught in our Psychology class and solving sample papers to achieve these scores,” she told Apeejay Newsroom. For the uninitiated, a mnemonic device, or memory device, is a learning technique that helps in information retention or retrieval in human memory.
Her mother Anjana Gaba, who teaches Economics at Apeejay School, Pitampura, proudly says her daughter never needed any coaching classes in class 12.
Prisha also relied on watching online videos related to battles mentioned in her History syllabus that helped consolidate these in her mind.
Going forward, Prisha wants to study Mass Communications and ultimately become a filmmaker. “I won’t restrict myself to any particular genre of films,” she reveals.
As they say at Apeejay, ‘Soaring high is my nature.’ This group of a few good toppers is reaching out for the sky.  

“The way CBSE took a holistic view of the students’ performance in classes 10, 11 and 12 worked beautifully in the given circumstances. Apeejay is a pioneer in online learning. The way we responded to the Covid crisis was exemplary in the sense that we didn’t allow for any delays in our curriculum and examinations. Not just that, our exam system on Moodle is truly versatile since it allows for a variety of tasks related to the syllabus, assignments, exam and the school notice board.”

-Veena Goel, Principal, Apeejay School, Pitampura

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