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‘I reached my potential at this institute’

This alumna of AIT-SAP shares that the institute inspired her to explore her talent



She dreams to build sustainable housing using beautiful architecture for one and all. Meet Alvera Naushad who passed out of Apeejay Institute of Technology-School of Architecture & Planning (AIT-SAP) in 2016. In a candid interview she recalled the golden days at the institute which instilled valour and wisdom in her.

Tell us about yourself.

I am an architect and an interior designer and I have a good experience of working with MNCs and other government projects with NDMC. My keen nature of knowing it all took me to deep lengths of success and explorations.

Where are you recently placed?

I am working as a Senior Interior Designer with an MNC named Livspace located in Gurugram. I have also started my firm named Sage Alive Interiors.

Tell us about your college life.

I would say those are my golden years of life. I have always liked challenges and architecture is a course where you experience maximum challenges and learn time management. The whole campus was so beautiful and had so much space to create, imagine and inspire ourselves. During the initial years teachers helped us and later on seniors guided us. I have grown as a person in college by learning from people, my choices and mistakes. It made me fearless and I can now vocalise and have opinions.

Share a few nostalgic memories from AIT-SAP.

There are loads of memories mostly and all are good ones. Once my friends and I went outside the college and got late, we passed the entry bandwidth for the girls, so we borrowed some hoodies from the boys outside, dressed up like them and then entered with those boys in camouflage. This will always stay as one of the secret shenanigans between us.

How is the faculty.

I would like to say they are very understanding and optimistic. All of them are the best guides and were greatest mentors. They boosted my confidence so that I could reach my potential, assigned tasks to evolve my talents and knowledge. This is the reason I am still in contact with them and they are still my guides.

What is your dream and goal in life?

Well, I have done a thesis in affordable housing. I have always wanted to do something in affordable range since I wanted to make interiors and maximum architectures which are affordable for the people who belong to the low income group. By experimental materials and other price saving solutions we have learnt this technique in our practical life as well.

Your comments on the brain drain trend.

Brain drain is basically for people who are least confident. One should always be firm in ones beliefs to avoid manipulation or demotivation. To be firm in opinions and beliefs is by knowing what one wants, what one actually is and how one gives time to oneself.

How did the institute hone your skills?

I have won so many awards and prizes here at college by participating in competitions of different kinds. The institute gives you free space to analyse and introspect at what you are good at. They provide a platform and resources to test and try. The best part is the great faculty who help you in the exploring process. The years at the institute makes you realise and learn to never stop trying in life.

Any message for the students of the university.

There is an adage: Fools rush in where the wise fear to tread. Always be hungry for knowledge and explore places and things which you think you cannot do. Always believe that with great knowledge you can achieve everything. Never consider yourself wise and always crave for more, explore, and be inquisitive. 

Anubha Singh is the Principal Correspondent with Apeejay Newsroom. Having a journalism and mass communication background, she has varied experience with renowned print publications like Hindustan Times, The Pioneer and Deccan Chronicle. Her niche expertise lies in reporting and content creation for different core areas. She can be reached at [email protected] for any communication.