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Short Story: The Sunshine Girl



By Mishti Manocha

Once upon a time in Japan lived a girl named Hina. She stayed with her grandmother as both her parents passed away in a car accident. It had been raining in Japan for quite some weeks and people hadn’t seen the sun in a long time. 

Hina’s grandmother believed in old sayings and traditions  and one such belief was the myth of ‘the sunshine girl’. She always thought that her granddaughter was one of them.

When Hina was younger and she lived with her parents, she used to go to a park with them. It used to be very sunny there, even during winters. 

At the time when her parents went through a terrible car accident, she one day went to that park alone to pray for their health. And when she was doing so, there was a sudden downpour. But after a minute, it suddenly became so sunny that she couldn’t keep her eyes open. 

And the very next minute, it was again raining heavily. She found it unusual but chose to ignore it. By the time she reached the hospital, her parents were no more. The rainfall didn’t stop from that day onwards.

The Bon Festival approached where people honour the spirits of their ancestors. Hina was sitting with her grandmother in their house. She couldn’t help but notice that her grandmother wasn’t happy about the rain. So she went into the lawn and started praying. After a minute, it stopped raining. Her grandmother came running towards her when she saw that. She knew that her granddaughter was a “sunshine girl”.

They then lit a lantern for the festival. And while they were celebrating the festival, Hina’s  grandmother told her that she had read in some books that to stop continuous rain, a sunshine girl with a pure heart must pray for it.