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Short story: Of acts of kindness and an unexpected fortune



By Sanvi Narula

This is a story about the unexpected fortune of Yusuf, a poor yet generous, liberal and down-to-earth person. He was a native of Israel and lived in a small dilapidated village which was a few miles away from the main city.

He was a postman who didn’t have enough money to get his house repaired. His house was in a shabby condition and it consisted of a room with a bed, a tiny bathroom and a stove for cooking.

His village also had several power-cuts. Yusuf indeed had to live a tough life. Still, he liked to help people. Once, he saw a group of homeless young boys wandering here and there in need of food. Yusuf offered them his lunch. This sight became one of fun and mockery for others because they thought that a man who is barely able to manage all his needs still feeds the others.

This was not the only incident. Many times, Yusuf fed the hungry dogs of the streets, offered help to the old people etc. He was indeed a man with a golden heart. One fine morning, he woke up early and started getting ready for work. He wore his light brown uniform and ate the leftover bread with some vegetables.

He was a few miles away from his office when he saw a man injured on the road. As soon as he rushed towards the man, he saw that he was holding a bag full of gold biscuits. For a moment, he wavered but being a generous and kind person, he couldn’t see the man in pain. He immediately called the ambulance and took that man to the hospital.

Yusuf understood that the man was quite wealthy. And so, he thought that he might be able to get a job with his help once the man recovers. Yusuf’s boss was quite angry with him because he didn’t show up to work for many days. So, he decided to decrease his wages for the following month.

Yusuf was indeed quite upset but he was also proud of himself that he saved a life. When the man gained consciousness, he asked the doctor to call in the person who saved his life. Yusuf came in and sat next to him. He was very curious about the wealthy man’s family and the reason why they weren’t with him.

This question filled the man’s eyes with tears. He told him that long ago his family had died in an accident. Hearing this, Yusuf felt very sorry for him. Later, he told him about his poor condition. The man requested Yusuf to come along and live with him as his son. Yusuf was surprised to hear this.

He realised that his acts of kindness bought him an unexpected fortune. And so, Yusuf lived a lavish and happy life.