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Apeejay School, Pitampura organises a fun-filled orientation programme 

The school hosts four-day event for the tiny tots entering the school building for the first time



There is a term in the English dictionary termed ‘initiation’. If the initiation into wisdom is easy, the rest of the path is formed on its own. Students once aware of the joy and power of learning, become capable and responsible to steer their lives to a fruitful constructive vocation. Hence, the sowing of the seed is the most crucial part of the harvest. Apeejay School, Pitampura is aware of the delicacy of this stage and hence the school left no stone unturned to initiate their tiny toddlers sweetly into the academic journey. 

A four-day student orientation programme was held where students participated in various fun activities. Fun mickey mouse theme based selfie booth was a big hit among the toddlers. A tilak ceremony was also held as a sign of auspicious beginning. The students were given French fries, fruit juices and other delicious healthy snacks and to further make the idea of school fun, the students were also made to participate in toy car riding activities and other games in a play zone.

The toddlers loved riding the swings and their smiling faces showed their joy on coming to the school for the first time. The school’s Principal, Ms Veena Goel along with the primary teachers personally greeted all students and parents on all the four days of the orientation programme. She warmly interacted with the toddlers and loved hearing their views and watching their reaction on the school’s decorations and organisation. 

Day 2 of the student orientation programme had a super exciting puppet show. Students were all seated together as they gained an understanding of the classroom and collective learning and watched with much joy and excitement a super hit puppet show.

Post the show, the students participated in their first activity as a class. An engrossing hand printing activity was held wherein the students coloured their palms with water colours and put the impression on a special sheet, which was then awarded to all students as a certificate with the school’s insignia and congratulatory message.

This certificate served as a memento to each student, an achievement, a milestone of their first school project. The parents and grandparents heartily clicked pictures in the mickey mouse selfie booth with their children and the certificates.

 Day 3 was even more special as the young learners were taken on a round of the school. It was essential that the learners had a view of the place which will be their second home for the next 12 years. And the school, understanding the significance of the moment and the tenderness of the toddlers, held this activity in a mesmerizing manner.

A special Tonga was hired and the young toddlers along with their class teachers went on a Tonga ride of the school premises. The little kids delighted in getting upon the Tonga and their radiant smiles were proof enough that the activity had developed a positive association with school and learning in their minds. 

The final day had in store more fun and action. The students were taken in by surprise as they participated in a tattoo making activity.

What was more special, was the school Principal, Ms Veena Goel, also taking part in the activity with full joy and heart. The students further opened up to the activity when they saw the Principal getting a tattoo made on her forearm. Students gladly took part and posed for photographs with the tattoos of their favourite cartoon characters adorning their hands. Every student was also given a Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse shaped balloon. 

The student orientation programme was a big hit among the young learners and their parents. It went a long way in creating a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards learning. The event was indeed a representation of the school’s model of value based holistic learning. 

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