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‘A trip to zoo!’ : Short note by Bhargavi Nallewar, Apeejay School, Kharghar



One pleasant morning me and my mom were talking to each other.

 I said to my mom, “Mom today is such a pleasant day let’s go out.”  Mom said “Yes but where?” I replied, “Mom let’s go to the zoo!”

Mom said, “Go tell your father and sister to get ready then!” We started the engine of our car and went towards the zoo. There, first we bought the tickets and gave it to the ticket counter official.

Then we went to the snake park .There were many types of snakes such as pythons, cobra etc. There was a some facts in the did you know board.

After that we went to see the turtles and the reptiles. They all were sleeping, only one of the turtle was moving here and there.

Then we exited from the snake park and we went to see the peacock and vultures. When we saw them they were looking irritated and not in good mood. So we walked and sat at a wooden bench to rest for some time.

We then continued our zoo journey and while walking close to a den. We walked through it and reached the enclosure to see the tiger.

The tiger was roaring loudly and moving around very aggressively .

After that we went ahead and there I saw my best friend- The white tiger. However, in the Bengaluru zoo, the white tiger was active but here it was sleeping.

I also saw  Bisons who were very quietly eating the grass and were looking here and there .

Then comes the active gang of wolves who were playing continuously and were not stopping .And the hyenas were seriously watching them.

Then we went ahead we saw deers which were running and jumping . And some of them were resting .

Then we saw the Nilgiri cow and the Chinkara. The Chinkara is a type of deer which is found in Rajasthan. The Nilgiri cow were resting and the Chinkara were running around the tree.

There comes the world’s largest animal Elephant. Here the elephant was bathing and was playing with the water.

Now comes the king of jungle Lion .But over here the lion was not roaming like a king it was sitting like a servant and was very quiet. Here the Zoo limits ended.

While going my mom asked me, “Did you liked the zoo?” I said, “Yes mom but one thing I did not like, it was the animals closed in a cage and not free to roam around.”

That is why mom said we should not pet an animal. We feel happy by petting the animal but they are living things and not a toy. So I request everyone not to pet animals and birds.

Bhargavi Nallewar
Apeejay School, Kharghar
Class: 5-B