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‘My talents were polished at AIMC’

Diksha Nautiyal, a senior content writer and alumnus of AIMC shares her journey at the campus.



Diksha Nautiyal is a senior content writer at CollegeDekho Company. She is an alumnus of Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication (AIMC), batch of 2018-19. She did Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Media and Online Journalism. In an interview she shares her best memories from the campus, reasons for choosing AIMC and her growth at the campus. Edited Excerpts:

Please tell us about your current work profile?

CollegeDekho is a company which provides information about colleges, courses and exam options. Basically it provides higher studies options for students, ones not only in India but also abroad. We also recommend to students, the colleges that are our clients so basically we cater to both colleges and students. My work is to write content for the CollegeDekho website and I also help create social media content in collaboration with our marketing team. I also help to create videos for our YouTube channel. I have been working here for almost three years now.

When you were a student how did you come to know about AIMC?

Honestly speaking, I did not do a lot of research. Just a very basic research and I came across AIMC. There was a lot of data about the institute, a lot of data about the alumni on their website. As a student, the first thing that you check when you go through a college’s website is to check their placements. So I did the same and I liked the fact that AIMC had a lot of connections with the industry. I liked the faculty. I liked the course, the infrastructure and the facilities AIMC had really attracted me. I also had a conversation over a phone call with one of our professors, Prof Naveen Gautam. I really liked the way he explained everything to me about the college and the course. So I decided that I would join AIMC.

The activities that AIMC makes its students participate in are truly enriching. We got a lot of industry exposure as well. I was barely in the college for six months when I realized that I had learned a lot. I could get so much information from the college website so that also speaks for itself.

What is your best memory from the AIMC campus?

 I really liked to be on the stage. I like anchoring. I have done anchoring on the stage many times in the AIMC campus. We used to organise a film festival called: We Care. It is a three day festival. I hosted the first day of the festival. It was very interesting and a new experience for me. We Care is dedicated to the differently abled children. Performing in front of them and entertaining those kids was really a nice experience for me.

What life lesson would you give to a student at AIMC?

I have mentioned on my LinkedIn profile that I have studied from AIMC. So, I get a lot queries from prospective students who ask me about the institution. I give the same answer to everybody. I participated in everything that I could during my college days. I keep giving this advice to them that whatever opportunities you get (and you get a lot of opportunities at AIMC) workshops, seminars, fests, cultural events, participate as much as you can. It will give you a lot of exposure and boost your confidence.

How did AIMC help you in pursuing your passion?

Well, honestly speaking writing is not my passion. I like it but my passion is anchoring, basically hosting a show or event. So, I want to become a VJ (Video Jockey). I will start working for that soon. The pandemic has derailed my plans a bit. But I explored a different side of me at AIMC. Every student that comes there wants to show their talents, perform. They all want to show themselves in front of the audience and everyone is better than the other. So the competitive spirit brought out the best in me. I got to learn a lot from all the students there. I learned a lot from my professors and the guest lecturers as well. My talents and skills were polished at AIMC.

Arijit Roy is a young correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. He has done his masters in English literature from Delhi University and has a book of poems published by Writers Workshop India. He can be reached at [email protected]