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Love and Compassion Can Help Tide Us Over The Pandemic

In times of pandemic, it’s imperative to support the emotional well-being of students. Apeejay School, Pitampura is following this motto in letter and spirit.



Veena Goel, Principal, Apeejay School, Pitampura

Opening the fourth session of online programme called ‘Apeejay@Cares4u’, Ms. Sonali Chopra said, “Each one of us have gone through a lot of anxiety, pain, and grief of losing our near and dear ones to the clutches of this terrible pandemic. This last wave has taught us that nothing in the world is more worthy than love, compassion and togetherness. Apeejay@cares4u is one such initiative under the able leadership of Principal Veena Goel, Vice Principal Dr Sujeet E. Masih, staff and students to spread the message we really care.”  

Students Sabhya Jain and Marya Gupta co-hosted the session. To reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain and to enhance peace, meditation is one of the most practiced methods since the ancient times. Ms. Rashmi Budhiraja guided students on how to practice meditation. She said, “Our body is a beautiful gift of nature. Let’s honour our own body. Respect your body. Love your body.”

Next, Yoga teacher Ms. Nitasha Garg, taught students simple hand and wrist stretches. “If you are learning Table Tennis, Badminton, Lawn tennis or even playing Carrom you need strong fingers and flexible wrists. Even if you are learning Flute, Tabla, Guitar, Piano, etc you must do wrist exercises. These exercises also help children to improve their handwriting.” This was followed by Meer Ghuriani of KG narrating an adorable story on ‘Love Brings Happiness’. In ‘Hansi Ke Bulbule’ section students and parents were treated with rib-tickling short videos. 

Dr. Rishikesh Nath, Consultant Pulmonologist explained why good post-Covid care is critical for better and quick recovery. “Most common post-COVID symptoms are fatigue, muscle weakness, body ache, cough, chest pain, anxiety, depression and sleep disturbance.” He listed a few measures to be followed after recovering from coronavirus.  “First and the most important thing is adequate rest and sleep. Don’t be in a hurry to get back to your daily routine. Secondly, you have to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Include high protein, more fibre and antioxidants in the form of fruits and vegetables. At the same time, fluid and electrolyte balance is also important for your body. Drink juices, coconut water or ORS. Thirdly, do breathing exercises. Lastly, don’t panic over third wave and be vigilant.”

Next, Shivanshi Sharma from KG and her Parental Grandmother recited Lord Krishna Bhajan. In the storytelling session, Dipti Sateeja narrated a tale called ‘The Story of The Prodigal Son’. The message from the story was that love conquers all. Before the concluding remarks by school Principal Ms. Veena Goel, students and parents put on a thrilling dance performance. 

“It’s a time where we have lost so much. Each one of us are a little broken, but the broken crayons can also add colour.”

-Veena Goel, Principal, Apeejay School, Pitampura 

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