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Kudos to Apeejay Rhythms, Model Town, Jalandhar for improving my son’s speaking skills and teaching him social etiquette: Teethi Mahajan



Teethi Mahajan with her husband Salil Mahajan and son Vansh Mahajan

Teethi Mahajan is a homemaker while her husband, Salil Mahajan, has a saree showroom in Jalandhar. Their son, Vansh Mahajan, is studying in UKG, Apeejay Rhythms, Model Town, Jalandhar. In an interview, Teethi explains how the school is instrumental in increasing the self-esteem and confidence of her son.

What made you enrol Vansh in Apeejay?
I surveyed Apeejay along with other schools to pick the best one for Vansh. Unlike other schools, Apeejay offered a complete package in terms of solid infrastructure, good sporting facilities and a battery of polite teachers. The school is also conveniently located in the middle of the city and to top it all Apeejay is a reputed brand in the field of education. We got Vansh enrolled in Pre-Nursery without any hesitation.

Are you happy with the progress made by your kid?
I have been associated with Apeejay for around three-and-a-half-years now and the biggest change I have seen in Vansh is his increased confidence level, improved speaking skills and a good understanding of social etiquette. I have seen him evolve from being shy and reserved to being more confident and comfortable in interacting with other people. This is due to his constant participation in co-curricular activities which required him to perform on stage. He has recited poems and given dance performances on stage. This has done his confidence a world of good. I would also like to commend Apeejay for giving massive importance to handwriting. It’s because of school that Vansh has beautiful and neat handwriting. The teachers have also taught him about telephone etiquette and how to deal with strangers. Vansh is also taught how to properly fold clothes so that he becomes more independent. As you can notice, the focus is on the all-round development of children.

Are teachers giving their best in online teaching?
Of course, I appreciate the teachers for putting in so much hard work in making online classes exciting and engaging. It’s not easy to grab the attention of little ones. During the initial stages of the lockdown, Vansh got bored playing indoor games, but the school came up with interesting activities and games to keep him occupied and entertained. I would like to specifically mention the online storytelling sessions that only entertained children but are also a huge hit among parents. The teachers of Apeejay are brimming with creativity. They also gave us the freedom to call them at any time of day.

Share us with your memorable moments.
Vansh won the first prize in English Poetry Recitation Competition in Pre-Nursery. That was his first on stage performance. I was ecstatic to the core. Vansh also realised that when one works hard one’s efforts get rewarded.

“Teachers gave interesting exercises to students to help them express themselves freely in English. For example, they are made to talk on topics such as ‘My Family and MY neighbourhood’. This gives a boost to their public speaking skills. I am totally satisfied with the school and have decided to enrol my nine-month-old baby in Apeejay.”

Teethi Mahajan

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