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Customisation is the new trend’, says this woman entrepreneur

Apeejay alumna Prachi Khera, who is the Co-Founder of Kihanna Jewellery, breaks down her brand’s remarkable journey



Prachi Khera, an alumna of Apeejay Institute of Management & Engineering Technical Campus (AIMETC), is a carefree personality. She is a happy soul and loves to make others laugh over her jokes. From an early age, Prachi wanted to be an entrepreneur and catch her own dreams. “Though it was a bit tough to strike a balance between everything with my kids and family around. But with God’s grace and family support, everything worked out for me,” she expressed. The woman-entrepreneur always wanted to create something that is related to women thus  Kihanna Jewellery was launched. In an interview, Prachi shares about her entrepreneurial journey, her brand’s uniqueness and more:  

Tell us about the journey behind founding Kihanna Jewellery? What has been your inspiration? 

Kihanna is coined from the names of my daughters ‘Kiana’ and ‘Hannah’; it’s an amalgamation. As an old quote says, “Diamonds are girls’ best friends,” and it’s always great a great feeling to be friends with your best friends!!  Kihanna is inspired by all the international boutiques with the quality business they are serving.

What does Kihanna mean? What is unique about your brand? What does your brand symbolise? Who are your target consumers?

Kihanna means “ROYAL”.   Our brand symbolises invincibility and life.  We as retailers are preparing to tweak growth strategies in an effort to meet the demand of the millennial customer. We want to reach the customers and make them understand that in diamonds quality matters. We work with upgraded diamonds and want North India to taste the quality and understand it.

When it comes to jewellery, women are often looking for something new, different yet rustic. How is Kihanna helping to create that difference?

We at Kihanna deal in all modern jewellery which is affordable yet wearable. These artworks  you can keep forever. Our mantra is to keep the jewellery multifunctional and one that doesn’t end up in the locker.

Trust is of paramount importance when buying jewellery. Suggest a few ways online jewellery brands can adopt to build trust of their buyers?

Absolutely !! Trust is the major factor while buying and we being new in this line have to grab a lot of attention and primarily trust to evoke people to buy. At Kihanna, every single item you will opt for is ‘HALLMARKED’. Plus, all the diamonds are certified by IGI (International Gemological Institute), the only authenticated lab in the country.


Today’s consumers are opting for more personalised/customised jewellery? Your thoughts 

We would love to cater to their expectations. Customisation is the new trend and we completely embrace it with our in-house design solutions to cater to our customers.

How e-commerce is reshaping India’s jewellery industry

E-commerce is everything these days; business starts from it, gets a boost using e-commerce platforms and reaches its customers through it. So a big shout out to the handlers and all the technicians behind. 

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