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‘Block-chain or cryptocurrency, build a career around something you love to do’

Apeejay Kharghar alumnus Tito Aby Idicula says his teachers in school inculcated the values of team-building and leadership in him



Co-Founder and Director of Programming Hub, an online learning platform which provides courses on programming, Tito Aby Idicula’s ingenious idea currently caters to more than 23 million users worldwide. In an interview, he discusses how students should focus on developing new skill sets for career-building.

Please tell us about your educational background.

Before launching Programming Hub, I pursued a Master’s Degree in Consumer Relationship Management from Symbiosis International University till 2014. I completed a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Welingkar Institute of Management in 2016, and also did an Entrepreneurship programme from Stanford University.

What was the inspiration behind the venture?

Currently, coding has become a desired professional skill and everyone is learning it. The idea came to me as I witnessed several apps relevant for software engineers and learning and development specialists. I then aspired to build one catering to coding, and shortly began working on it.

As we launched the web version of the Programming Hub app in 2019, we witnessed a good traction from people wanting to grasp newer technologies. We recognised this gap in the market, as there were very few ways for people to learn a new programming language. We thought that we should work on creating content and data that can be easily accessible. We started in 2016 and have come a long way by tailoring our courses on Python, C++, Java, and Ethical Hacking according to our users’ needs.

What are the most popular courses currently amongst students?

We see a spike in block-chain and crypto-currency at present, and we also teach young adults to create their own crypto-currency. It is exciting to see students largely coming from the age group of 18-28 who are wanting to build a new skill-set to progress in their career.

One ethic you closely maintain in your career?

Throughout my journey, I have always wanted to deliver what I promise. And similarly, for any business to succeed, it is essential to add value to people’s lives.

What role has your school played in your professional journey?

At Apeejay School, Kharghar, I recollect being part of elocution programmes, poetry recitation competitions, and other cultural activities which helped me build skills and become a confident public-speaker. The school inculcated the values of team-building and leadership in me.

What would be your tips for young students?

My advice is to keep exploring. Our education equips us to become employable and makes us job-ready. But, one should always be curious and open to learning things that one is passionate about. It’s a great idea to build a career around something you love to do.

“For any business to succeed, it is essential to add value to people’s lives”

-Tito Aby Idicula, Co-Founder and Director, Programming Hub 

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