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Be a risk taker to raise your game : Priyanka Pradeep Mehra



Priyanka Pradeep Mehra

Priyanka Pradeep Mehra (40) was among the first batch of Apeejay School of Architecture & Planning, Greater Noida. She did her B.Arch in 1999-2004. She owns her architecture & interior design company– P S Design in Mumbai and is currently working on projects across a wide spectrum from High end villas to office buildings all across India and Middle East. She lives with her two children and husband, who is also a partner in her practice, she says.  

Why did you choose to pursue architecture & interior designing?
I embody a style of congruous natural and new-fangled elements. For as long as I can remember, my passion has been for design. I knew I was destined to be a designer when I was a young girl constructing something or the other with Lego blocks. I always fuel a passion to learn new things and never follow any trends, both personally and professionally. I am an avid traveller and an eternal student, always observant and find inspiration everywhere from the varied colour of the blue sky to textures in city streets.

What inspired you to start your own business?
I always wanted to make a difference in the way people lived and worked in their spaces and hence always had a vision to eventually start my own company. I wanted my work experience to be enriching before I was able to pass on that to my clients, which is why I chose to work with Architect Hafeez Contractor. After 5 years, when I felt I had no scope of further growth in the company, I decided to start my own practice under the name of P S Design. 12 years ago, a single woman starting out on her own was a daunting task, however I had a head full of dreams and a passion to design, that was inspiration enough.

Your learning experience at Apeejay to enter real-world success?
We were the first batch of the college and even back then it gave us pride that we were setting standards for the upcoming talent. I remember most of the faculty till today and am even in touch with some of them. The learning experience at Apeejay was enriching and nourished our desire for learning. The faculty pushed us to think beyond the ordinary and create spectacular designs. The visiting faculty used to bring us real life projects where we faced and overcame challenges which trained us to take on the world. Ultimately it’s the college which helps us master the skills needed for real-world success.

Do you socialize with your batchmates?
Yes! I am in touch with a couple of them and we catch up with each other often over calls and occasionally over dinner, if we are in the same cities!

Can college’s extra-curricular activities help you upscale the navigation process?
Over the years, I have realized as an architect we just don’t need design acumen, but also how to negotiate with clients and vendors, have knowledge in business on how to run an office and deal with employees and their problems and even counsel families and relationships within a family (yes!) Having extra-curricular activities and in house competition early in life, help you navigate this better.  

Your Journey from Apeejay to handling high end clientele?
After passing out in the year 2004, I worked with Architect Hafeez Contractor for 5 years, after which I started my own practice P S Design in the year 2009. Today our boutique practice has projects all over India and the Middle Eastern Countries. Our portfolio ranges from high end Villas to Corporate offices and apartment buildings. Our clientele include builders, corporates and several Bollywood celebrities like Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Kriti Sanon.

Share something about our management style?
I believe you learn only by experience and experiments, especially if you love your work. That is why I always let my team be. I allow them to unleash their creative potential and guide them in the process more like how a college professor would do. If their vision matches mine, it is a win-win for both.

Any tips for the aspirants to upskill their traits?
Be incredibly well organized and have the proper skill set. Having an eye is one thing, but you have to be able to execute. Train your eye and mind to look for something special, whether you’re going to a museum, a flea market or simply flipping through a magazine. There is no age or limit for learning. After 18 years in the field of design I am still learning new things every day. Take risks and raise your game.

“I allow my team to unleash their creative potential. If their vision matches mine, it is a win-win for both”

-priyanka pradeep mehra

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