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‘Apeejay International School has always treated us like a family’



Rashmi Tripathi (Mother) with her sons Prakhar Dwivedi (L), and Kaustubh Dwivedi (R)

Ms. Rashmi Tripathi, mother of Kaustubh Dwevedi and Prakhar Dwevedi, is proud of her association with Apeejay International School, Greater Noida.  Kaustubh is studying in class 9, while Prakhar passed out from Apeejay International School, Greater Noida in 2020. In this informal chat, she explains why Apeejay School is her extended family…

What made you pick Apeejay International School, Greater Noida?

Both my children got admitted to Apeejay International School, Greater Noida in nursery. While Kaustubh is still studying in class 9, Prakhar passed out from the school last year. As you can see, my association with Apeejay is more than a decade old.  I have closely observed its evolution. When I began hunting for the right school for my elder kid, I opted for Apeejay International School because of its optimal student-teacher ratio. I thought this will help get my child more attention from teachers. Though, despite the increasing student enrolment over the years, I have noticed that the quality of education has not taken a hit. In fact, the bond between students and teachers is as strong as it was 10 years ago.

What are the things you really liked about the school?

We had a great bonding with Yashika Bhardwaj, the former Principal of school. When I used to go to pick my children after school hours, I noticed the emphasis given on discipline. Students were systematically released from classes and the Principal kept a close watch so that there’s no hustle and bustle that could lead to injury. I have seen students touching the feet of the Principal and enthusiastically discussing with her their achievements and studies. This shows the strong bonding that exists between students and teachers. Yashika Ma’am was like a second mother for students. Moreover, the school has never looked at us from the prism of money. We were always treated like a family. The school has met all my expectations.

Tell us your experience of Parent-teacher meetings?

I was fully satisfied with Parent-teacher meetings. The parents were always given a feedback sheet and they were encouraged to give their frank opinion on school functioning and the performance of teachers. This whole exercise was not a hogwash, I have seen how seriously Principal Ma’am used to analyse the feedback. Also, teachers used to brief me on every aspect of my children’s behaviour and performance. Both my children have performed well consistently, but there were instances where teachers have called me directly to advise me to have a healthy discussion with my children on sensitive issues. The teachers ensured that there’s never a communication gap between students and their parents. Who thinks so much about students’ well-being? I found this personal touch commendable.

Can you share an interesting anecdote that touched you deeply?

Yes. During the interview process of my child, my husband and I were accorded a warm welcome by the Principal. She stood up from her seat and sat only after we had occupied our seats. We were touched by her gesture. I thought she would quiz my child, instead she asked us ‘What made you choose Apeejay International School?’  What are your expectations from us?  This casual interaction relaxed us. I remember she took an elephant soft toy and asked my son pointing towards the elephant’s tusk, ‘What is it?’ My son said ‘its elephant’s thumb’. I thought my son had ruined his interview (laugh). When I started correcting my son, Principal Ma’am advised me not to do so. She said ‘Let him explore the world at his own pace and understanding. Don’t correct him even if he says yellow is black. Let him learn things through experience.”  It was indeed a memorable experience.

While choosing the right school, people look at school building, infrastructure, whether teachers have fluency in English or not, but I look at the character of the school and values it holds. A school should never judge parents on the basis of their economic status. Apeejay International School, Greater Noida has all the hallmarks of a great institution.

Rashmi Tripathi, Mother

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