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‘A super efficient campus placement cell is just one of the reasons we chose ACFA’

Mrs. Shweta Khanna, parent of Apeejay College of Fine Arts Jalandhar student Jeevansh Khanna, explains how the faculty members at the institute are helping her son pursue his career ambitions



Mrs. Shweta Khanna is a homemaker. Her husband Mr. Amit Khanna works with Sunny Mart in the United States. They are proud parents of Jeevansh Khanna, B.Com first year student at the Apeejay College of Fine Arts (ACFA), Jalandhar. In an informal interview, Mrs. Khanna speaks about the reasons that made her choose ACFA, her son’s progress at the college, the efficient and polite teaching staff and Jeevanh’s interests beyond academics. Edited excerpts:

What made you choose ACFA over other colleges for your child?

ACFA had a great orientation session for its students. The infrastructure of the college is very impressive and so is the campus placement cell. Also, I must mention that I got very good reviews about the college from a friend of mine whose children are also ACFA alumni. So, I was confident about enrolling Jeevansh in a very good college in all aspects.

Please tell us about Jeevansh? How is he performing at college?

Jeevansh likes to play cricket. He is an all-rounder. He also loves to listen to music. Rap music exponent AP Dhillon is his favourite artiste. He likes the song Excuses the most (laughs). Jeevansh is performing well at the college. He likes to study Accountancy the most among all his subjects. He has just given his entrance exam for chartered accountancy and he is focused on achieving this aim.

Do the professors at ACFA engage well with students?

The professors are teaching very well. They engage nicely with all the students.  Jeevansh tells me that Professor Aarti, the Accountancy teacher, teaches really well. 

What is the best thing about ACFA?

I think the best thing about the college is that the teaching staff at ACFA is extremely cooperative and polite. They value each and every student and work hard to teach them. This gives me a lot of reassurance.

What is your opinion about the online mode of learning?

I think that the colleges should reopen once the pandemic situation gets better. I personally feel that in the online classes students miss out on the practical knowledge they gain via the physical interactions with their classmates and teachers. But again, the online classes are the need of the hour in the current situation.

Arijit Roy is a young correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. He has done his masters in English literature from Delhi University and has a book of poems published by Writers Workshop India. He can be reached at [email protected]