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Artificial Intelligence

Why artificial intelligence is not the solution to all problems



By Zoha Khan

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming popular across the world. It has been created to reduce human effort and make our lives easier. Be it self-parking cars or smart assistants, AI will be available 24×7. Undoubtedly, many companies and professionals feel that it is the next big revolution and the key to success.

AI can handle information better than humans. And because of that, there can be lesser chances of error. In the near future, it can also help students study efficiently and solve their queries from anywhere and at any time. AI can also become beneficial in securing our cyberspace. It has the ability to improve our know-how about digital security threats and risks.

However, AI includes high-cost. It does not have creativity like the human brain. Moreover, it cannot make any improvement through experience like us.

AI also comes as a risk to employment. It can lead to financial problems for employees. It certainly reduces human effort but on the other hand, makes us lazy. If AI is fully used, humans will be at a greater chance of developing health problems due to inactivity and poor blood circulation.

Last but not the least, in future, AI might become ‘super intelligent’ which may transform into a weapon to cause mass problems. What if it goes out of human control or used for illegal purposes by criminals or terrorists? 

Therefore, we must weigh the pros and cons of AI and invest it into the larger good and societal welfare.