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This B-school conducted session on ‘importance of body language’

Apeejay School of Management organised this session as part of the Alumni Mentorship Programme



One of the premier business schools of India, Apeejay School of Management (ASM) is well-known for its excellence in quality management and business education. The institute offers a curriculum which is contemporary and is designed based on the needs of the industry. Further, it also provides a series of mentoring sessions.

Thus, as part of Apeejay Alumni Mentorship Programme, ASM recently organised a training session.  The training was conducted by Ms. Vrinda Bansal, an alumnus from 2013-15 on the topic “Body Language- conduct yourself with confidence”.  

Vrinda is a Bangalore-based certified image consultant and soft skills trainer with 4 years of experience in a leading transportation company as a customer service manager, and 3 years in image consulting fraternity, working as a principal image consultant. She believes, “Every person has the potential to grow and become their best version.” As a result, she is on a mission to help elevate people’s lives using the tools of appearance management, behaviour and communication.

All the students enthusiastically participated in the discussions and activities as well as were thrilled with the programme content and delivery. She conducted the session with in-depth insights and a hands-on approach, focussing on the following topics: importance of non-verbal communication, concept of proxemics, haptics, and kinesics demonstration and practice of the right handshake, and interview-related body language pointers.

The training concluded with students walking away with actionable tips to apply in their professional and personal environment, teaching them how to conduct themselves with confidence.

Harshita is Assistant Editor at Apeejay newsroom. With experience in both the Media and Public Relations (PR) world, she has worked with Careers360, India Today and Value360 Communications. A learner by nature, she is a foodie, traveller and believes in having a healthy work-life balance.