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‘There’s no better school than Apeejay in Charkhi Dadri’

Ajay Goyal, father of Apeejay Charkhi Dadri students Lojasav and Kunj, says the faculty strives to identify and meet individual learner needs



Ajay Goyal with his spouse Ritu and children Lojasav and Kunj

Ajay Goyal owns an oil and a cotton mill in Charkhi Dadri, Haryana while his spouse Ritu Goyal is a homemaker. They are proud parents of Lojasav and Kunj, who are studying in classes 4 and 3, respectively. In a candid interview, Ajay explains how Apeejay made a meaningful contribution to the growth of his kids. Edited excerpts:

What made you pick Apeejay?                                    

Apeejay alumni are known to be disciplined, equipped with sound knowledge, values and personality.  Talking about Apeejay, it has the best faculty whose focus is primarily on activity-based learning. Last but not least, the focus of the school is on the holistic growth of students. These claims are based on my personal experience as my sister too had studied from Apeejay. All in all, there’s no better school than Apeejay in Charkhi Dadri.

Share with us the progress you have seen in your kids since joining Apeejay.

The best part about Apeejay is the emphasis given to activity-based learning that makes the school more exciting for students, allowing them to remember what they’ve learned. Activity-based learning also focuses on independent investigation and analysis.  Games, rhymes, painting, and songs are used to teach a letter, frame a sentence or do math and science. A good primary education provides a solid base for your child’s future. Talking about the progress of my kids, they can fluently read and speak in English and have become glaringly independent. We don’t have to hand-hold them to help execute their day-to-day tasks related to school or otherwise. Even though my kids are doing well academically, their focus is also on co-curricular activities. Lojasav takes part in a lot of activities related to Science and Computers, whereas Kunj is master at card making and poster making. A particular focus of the school is also on honing the communication skills of children, as a result, every student is given an opportunity on a rotational-basis to speak in the Assembly.

Tell us about the teachers.

The faculty is fully committed and dedicated to students’ learning. They go to great lengths in breaking down difficult concepts and strive to identify and meet individual learner needs. That’s why, they know the strengths and weaknesses of each student inside out. During the pandemic, they kept every student in the class engaged by continuously interacting with them. To reinforce their teachings and identify and fill student learning gaps, the faculty gave a special emphasis on revision. Also, if a student needs extra classes, they are more than eager to oblige. With parents too they share a cordial relationship.

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