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The traits of a good leader



By Raghav Gupta

“Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example”
Donald McGannon

There is a need for a good leader in every field. We see people following others’ footsteps like sheep. But, a leader is someone that is like us and is the torchbearer for others. Leadership requires an ability to influence by good deeds and generating trust among the people. A leader is one who can lead the masses and there exists a leader in each one of us. We just need to know it.

Those who become aware about their qualities early, turn into future leaders. Many come and go, but only a few manage to be good leaders. Only a handful of people are capable of bringing the desired change through continuous effort. It is because of these good leaders that the different organisations and industries achieve great heights of success.

There are certain characteristics that a person should possess to become a good leader. They must have a lot of enthusiasm for their work and make their team members work in a more efficient way. They should have complete focus and deal with all kinds of problems arising at the workplace.

A focused leader is to find solutions, motivate their team to accomplish their goals. For without ambition, nothing is possible. A good leader must be open to change and attempt to learn about new things in life.

I am very inspired by Nelson Mandela, South African anti-apartheid revolutionary and political leader, who had to face many adversities during his tenure. Despite all, he was successful in eradicating racial discrimination in South Africa. Similarly, Mahatma Gandhi, a man believing in non-violence and honesty abided by his principles was a leader for the masses. It is said that winners are not born differently, instead they work differently, and this makes them different from others. In the same way, a leader needs to inculcate qualities like honesty, responsibility, enthusiasm, empathy, determination. This difference in approach will make them become exemplary.