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‘The school’s infrastructure is very nice’

This Apeejay School, Faridabad, Sector 15 parent shares positive views about the school



Srishti Sapra is a class 8 student at Apeejay School, Faridabad, Sector 15. She loves the cooking classes at school and has many friends in her class.  Speaking to her father, Mr Vipin Sapra, we learn about the parent’s feedback and how he thinks his daughter can make the most of her potential. Read edited excerpts:

How is Srishti doing at the school?

She is doing moderately well. I feel she can do much better in academics. She was performing very well until class 5. I hope that she will regain her academic momentum soon.  But she enjoys school and has many friends in her class. 

Which subjects does she like and dislike?

She likes Math as she has a slightly analytical bent of mind. She does not dislike any subject but I think she finds French and English a bit tough.

What about sports and co-curriculars?

Well my daughter is a bit reserved in nature. But she does participate in the cooking classes at school.

And are you satisfied with the school environment?

The infrastructure is nice and the school has beautiful wide lawns, which is great I think. 

What about the teachers, any feedback?

The teachers are putting in lots of effort behind every student. I am sure under their able guidance my daughter will continue to learn and improve.

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