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‘Teachers at Apeejay School, Pitampura encourage students to try new things through online classes’  

Ms. Sumedha Arora, whose children Noor and Aadit study at the school, says the institution is channelling their potential in the right direction



A home-maker, Ms. Sumedha Arora envisions excellence for her kids. While her daughter, Noor Arora, is a class 7 student at Apeejay School, Pitampura, her son, Aadit Arora, currently studies in class 2 at the same school. In an interview, Ms. Arora shares how she is 100 per cent satisfied with the school owing to the growth and progress of her children. Edited excerpts:

Why did you choose Apeejay for your children?

Apeejay School, Pitampura is a well-reputed school in Delhi and the school has witnessed stellar academic and extra-curricular record over the years. Therefore, I decided to enrol my children here. Both of them have been associated with Apeejay since Nursery.

How has your experience been with the school?

It has been great! My daughter and son are very different individuals. While Noor is an introvert, she tends to be a bit shy, Aadit is very expressive and confident. Teachers at Apeejay understand their traits well and guide them both accordingly. In class 7, we are exploring Noor’s hidden talents as she comes up with her ideas and likes to discuss them. Aadit is a kid who likes activities more than the theory part, so he is doing well there.

What are some of the special achievements of your children in the last one year?

In the pandemic we have switched to the online mode of learning but that has not stopped my children from participating in different kinds of activities. My daughter has been part of a lot of competitions from school in the past one year and in fact, she was also nominated for the prestigious Dr. Stya Paul Award for Human Values at the school. It was a proud moment for us as a family. My son, too, has aced several inter-school competitions and won them.  

How has your children’s experience been with online classes?

For my son Aadit I initially had to sit with him through the classes because he is not too tech-savvy. However, now he is very comfortable with his classes. He participates, initiates and answers very well in the class. This is an important development because he never had a usual classroom experience of a chalk and a blackboard in all this time. My daughter is completely independent when it comes to her studies and extra-curriculars. Online classes are going well for both of them and teachers are putting in a lot of hard work. My heartfelt thanks to Shivani Ma’am and Aasha Ma’am, their class teachers.

Your advice to fellow parents?

I would say that sometimes as parents we feel that our child has a lot to do at school. Their life is becoming hectic and how will they do it all? But, it is essential that we become open to them taking care of themselves. Sitting at home, students may or may not be enthusiastic to learn new things and teachers at Apeejay are helping my children to do so. Their potential is being channelled in the right direction.

Your word for parents looking to enrol their wards in Apeejay?

This school is about building a healthy competition among students. Once they are here, be sure that Apeejay will equip them for the real-world. When my daughter began her educational journey at the school, I told her that teachers will be like their second mother, and I am proud to say that it holds true even today. 

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