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Scholar-Journalist of the Week: Let the power of love overcome the love for power

This week’s winner, Niyati Bali, a student of Apeejay School Faridabad, Sector 15 puts forward a case for global peace



It is but a basic instinct of a human being to accumulate. Accumulate as much land, money or property. If not for yourself, then for the upcoming generations. Is this need causing damage to our society? In doing so, are we thinking about those who are less fortunate? Are we giving back to our country what we keep receiving? These are some questions Niyati Bali, a student of Apeejay School, Faridabad often ponders on. In an interview, she talks about her write-up – Let the power of love overcome the love for power. Read on:

What inspired you to talk about global peace?

My write-up was motivated by the wars and crises across the world right now. In my view, world history is proof that bloodshed has provided no good to humanity. The mass destruction has impacted the moral, social and economic fabric of countries leading to loss of property and wealth. Not just that, we often don’t think about the mental suffering of those who survived these wars. I strongly believe that as humans, there is nothing we cannot solve.

Why do countries engage in wars, according to you?

We have become so technologically advanced. Across the world, currently boundaries do not separate us. Sadly, the need to engage in wars still persists. Why do we fight? Simply because of the mindset that material power is more than emotional belongingness. We do not value human connections. We must bear in mind that we have more power standing together and when we divide ourselves, we undermine our strength.

If someone was to improve their emotional bonds, what can they do?

Talk to each other. Start small, maybe just by greeting everyone you meet in a day. This change will have a big impact on your overall outlook. Try to resolve conflicts in your society. Be solution-oriented and a team player.

Do you think we are able to resolve conflicts in our country?

India is the land of different cultures and people. We have lived together as one community for centuries. This is because we have maintained respect towards each other’s differences and backgrounds. I feel that currently, this virtue needs to be reinforced in our society, so that we lessen our conflicts.

Your advice to citizens?

Have an open-mindset. Try not to be rigid with your arguments, even if you think you are right. Don’t look down upon people and maintain harmony. —

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