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Scholar-Journalist of the Week: A hidden wand that created magic

This week’s winner Sanchit Gupta loves the larger than life quality of fiction books



A student of class 5 at Apeejay School, Model Town in Jalandhar, Sanchit Gupta is an all-rounder. Not only is he good at academics, he is also an active participant in the extra-curricular competitions at school. His mother is an ABACUS tutor and father is a Chartered Accountant. Looking up to them, his strong mind is always searching for newer experiences. What more? His polite demeanor and respectful nature is the icing on the cake. Read on, as Sanchit talks more about his writing.

Please tell us about your interests/hobbies.

I love playing musical instruments. I started learning the guitar a week ago. And I am already confident at the keyboard. Apart from that, I am interested in solving science-based, mathematical or analytical problems. I have also won gold at the Grand International Speed Cubing Tournament 2021. At the event, I was tasked to solve 4 different kinds of cubes in 100 seconds each.

What was the inspiration behind your Scholar-Journalist piece – A hidden wand that created magic?

My teacher asked me to pen down a fiction piece for the nation-wide CBSE Budding Author Programme. After that, I read a few stories to understand how it is written, what mood or tone I should take, etc. Then, it struck me that I can plan my piece based on magic. So, I did exactly that. Eventually, I submitted the same entry to the Newsroom as well.

Does the story borrow from your life and experiences?

Yes, very much. Similar to the characters in the narrative, I too have a younger sister who I love to play with. However, we do not have a magic wand (laughs). But, if we had one, it would have been fantastic!

Are you an avid reader? What kind of books do you prefer?

Yes, I do read often. I like mythology and fiction as genres. And the renowned author JK Rowling is inspiring for me. The Harry Potter Novel Series by her is my favourite.

Why does magic excite you?

I just like it! The unpredictability, larger than life aspect and its wondrous quality makes me happy.  

For those who want to write well, your tips?

Pen down anything that uplifts your imagination. 

Mrini Devnani is a Principal Correspondent and Marketing Coordinator at Newsroom. She covers student achievements, conducts interviews, and contributes content to the website. Previously, she served as a Correspondent specialising in Edu-tech for the India Today Group. Her skill areas extend to Social Media and Digital Marketing. For any inquiries or correspondence, you can reach out to her at [email protected].

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