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A hidden wand that created magic



 By Sanchit Gupta

The year was 5679, Samira and her brother Surya were wearing their headgear and playing video games. It was Samira’s first time playing these games. She was terrified as the games were hyper-realistic, and played in multi-verse.

Samira screamed, “I am scared!”, “What’s so scary, enjoy the game,” replied Surya in excitement. Their mom, Mrs. Malhotra shouted, “Sira, Sun please be seated for dinner”, (she calls Samira as Sira and Surya as Sun). “Yes mom coming”, answered Surya. Both turned off their headgears and moved towards the hallway.

As Surya was walking, he fell on the wooden surface, Boom! Mrs. Malhotra asked, “What is it?”, “Nothing Mom,” said Surya. Then with a surprised voice, Samira said, “Look Surya there is a wand”. “Wh-hat is it?” asked Surya. “A wand!” said Samira in a low voice.

Surya quickly but carefully picked up the wand and started exploring it with excitement. It was a magic wand hidden somewhere in their new house. They thought they could do anything with this wand like change the solar system, travel in time and much more. They were dreaming, when Mrs. Malhotra came upstairs in anger, “What is it! Why are you not coming downstairs?”. Both quickly hid the wand. Surya said, “Nothing mom, I was just making my bed.” His mother was surprised and said, “That’s good, you have learned to help yourself.” Samira was hungry and asked to quickly sit for dinner.

Later, their mother ordered food to Cheffy, the robotic chef. Within minutes Cheffy served the
yummy food. After dinner, when everyone slept, Surya was analysing the wand. He learned how to hold and command it.

The next morning when Samira was in the balcony, Surya said, “Samira, come here, I will show you something very interesting.” When Samira moved towards Surya, he commanded the wand to change his clothes and Whoosh! It happened. Samira was surprised and said, “How did it happen?, tell me, I also want to do it.” “That’s the magic!” he said. Then Surya made another move, now both were in another world. It was all black with glittering stars. They were in astronaut suits. Samira said, “Wow! This is my first time in space”.

Another move by Surya, this time they were on Mars, it was all red. Then they both went to their spaceship and Surya ordered wand, “Change our clothes”, Whoosh! Now they were in traditional Indian clothes. “O wand, let’s go to the year 1648” he ordered and a wormhole appeared and both went into the 16th century. They were in a time when Shah Jahan was ruling India and Taj Mahal was being built. The King’s men started hunting them, treating both to be detectives. Surya now ordered wand to dress them in 50th century futuristic soldiers after which they looked war ready. However, they left sooner due to fear.

Then, Samira ordered wand to take them to Mayan age. They both landed in a town with beautiful temples where people were seen wearing mystical masks. Now, they both quickly boarded the spaceship and Surya said “MISSION SAVE EARTH!” The spaceship time travelled them to 21st-century planet earth. They moved the wand to make the world plastic-free and all the non-recyclable plastic disappeared. They said, “No pollution” and all the pollution disappeared. They said no poverty, disease and enmity. The world became heaven. Everyone suddenly became happy. The world returned to its golden age. Now they ordered wand, “Return to God”, it flew in heaven, leaving the kids to live happily ever after.

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