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‘My daughter loves Apeejay Charkhi Dadri so much, she wants to attend school even on Sundays’

Mrs Jyoti Chahar, mother of Apeejay Charkhi Dadri students Amandeep and Pratiksha Chahar, says the teachers at school nurture students like guardian figures



Mrs. Jyoti Chahar is a homemaker and mother of Amandeep and Pratiksha Chahar, Apeejay Charkhi Dadri class 1 and Kindergarten students respectively. Her husband Mr. Anil Chahar works as a Junior Assistant with the District Panchayat.  In a brief interview, Mrs. Chahar mentions how her son Amandeep felt extremely comfortable about joining the school during the first visit itself. Edited excerpts:

Why did you choose Apeejay Charkhi Dadri over other schools for your child’s admission?

We lived in Delhi previously. Back then I had enrolled my son in a school in Delhi. He would always cry a lot before going to school. But when we visited Apeejay School, Charkhi Dadri and met the teachers, Amandeep felt very comfortable. I remember meeting Mrs. Babita Sharma, the Nursery class teacher. Amandeep himself wanted to go to the school after meeting her. He felt at ease at Apeejay Charkhi Dadri. Later, we enrolled our daughter Pratiksha in the same school as well. We had developed a faith in the school by then. We were confident that Apeejay Charkhi Dadri is a good institute.

Please tell us a bit about your children and take us through their progress at school?

Amandeep is a good student. He understands all that the teachers are teaching in the class. He is interested in Maths the most amongst all other subjects. He also likes painting. He is not much interested in sports but still participates in the sports activities at school. Pratiksha is also interested in drawing and painting. Like her brother, she is also fond of Maths. She is a little weak in English but she is able to respond well to the English lessons at the school.

Are the teachers engaging well with the students?

The teachers are engaging very well with the students. In the online mode, we as parents could see how the teachers are teaching. We felt very satisfied. The students feel that it is not a teacher but a guardian who is teaching them. There is a family-like atmosphere in the school. The teachers come down to the level of a student and then explain the concepts to the students. If one leaves the students unmonitored during the online class, still all the students I have observed are well seated and listen to the teacher without engaging in any other activity outside the class.  I would like to specially mention and thank Ms. Renu Sharma, my son’s class teacher and Ms. Anita Singh, my daughter’s class teacher. They are wonderful educators.

What is the best thing about the school?

I think it is the nature of the teachers. They explain a concept very patiently. We as parents feel comfortable and safe sending our children to the school. We are confident that they will be well taken care of.

How has the experience of the online classes been for Amandeep?

He has been answering all the questions properly in the online classes. He was able to understand all the concepts properly and he did not face any problems during the online classes.

Now that all schools are reopening, is Amandeep excited to go back to school?

He was already waiting eagerly for the school to reopen during the holidays. My daughter has already been attending the school physically, as the Pre-Primary department of the school was open. She cries every day when I pick her up from school. She even cries questioning why Sunday is an off day (laughs).

Arijit Roy is a young correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. He has done his masters in English literature from Delhi University and has a book of poems published by Writers Workshop India. He can be reached at [email protected]