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International Book of Records Holder Aarish Saini can recite multiplication tables from 1 to 100 in 8 min 42 sec!

The class 5 student at Apeejay School, Model Town is a mathematics enthusiast who can also solve the Rubik’s cube blindfolded



What is 53 multiplied by 75? It is 3,975, says Aarish Saini within seconds without using a pen and paper for the calculation. In a telephonic interview, the maths genius who has set an International Book of Record for being the ‘fastest to recite the answers of multiplication tables from 1 to 100’ explains how he completed the exercise in only 8 minutes and 42 seconds. Read On:  

Please tell us about your hobbies

Aarish: I am a mathematics enthusiast. I love the subject and therefore, I like to solve mental ability sums and calculations. Apart from that, I love to play badminton.

How did your International Book of Records achievement come about?

Aarish: Since childhood, I have been very keen on mathematics. I used to practice and recite tables from 1 to 100. My parents helped me a lot with it.

Ms. Muskan Saini (Aarish’s mother): One day, while he was reciting multiplication tables, he asked if I could record and see in how much time he can finish the whole exercise. When I did that, it was 8 minutes and 52 seconds. Then he said that he could do better and practiced more. Eventually, we came to 8 minutes and 42 seconds which is a record.  

How much time has it taken for you to practice for the record?

Aarish: It is something I have been doing since I have been growing up. I may have started at grade 2 or 3. Even in my free time, I would keep reciting the tables because it has been fun.

You seem to have excellent retention power. How?

Aarish: I practice.

Ms. Muskan Saini: I have observed that he also has a good learning ability. I don’t have to do much with him as far as academics are concerned. He seems to be a natural at it. He also loves to watch a lot of fact-based videos and more often than not, he remembers the facts. My husband sits to do business-related calculations with him.

What is your career aspiration?

Aarish: I want to be an astronaut and explore different planets in outer Space.

How has been your experience with Apeejay School, Model Town?

Aarish: I love all my teachers, they explain difficult concepts in an easy manner and put in all their love in doing so.

Ms. Muskan Saini: Teachers at the school are very encouraging and as a parent I am very satisfied with the school.

Your tip for those who want to improve their maths performance?

Aarish: It is a subject that requires interest and practice. Prepare your targets daily to become better at it.

WATCH: Aarish reciting the answers of multiplication tables from 1 to 100

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