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‘Impressed with my Children’s progress, most parents from my Society got their children admitted to Apeejay International School’



Mr. Vipin Kumar Tripathi with his wife, daughter Harshita (L) and son Neelotpal

Mr. Vipin Kumar Tripathi is a proud father of Harshita Tripathi and Neelotpal Tripathi. Harshita is currently studying in class 12, Apeejay International School, Greater Noida while Neelotpal passed out from the same school in 2015-16. In this off the cuff interview, Mr. Tripathi tells us how Apeejay International School, Greater Noida helped his children realize their true potential…

Q. Why did you get your students admitted to Apeejay International School, Greater Noida?
My association with Apeejay International School started in 2010 when I shifted from Bengaluru to Greater Noida. My daughter and son were looking for admission in classes 1 and 6, respectively. Soon, I started exploring different schools in the vicinity to select the best one for my children. Since, I am from engineering background, I always use to analyse Science Models made by students in Exhibitions. Given there impeccable design and use of high-end equipment, it was obvious that they were either made by adults or bought from the market to impress visiting parents. While in Apeejay International School, Greater Noida, the science models bore the footprints of students. You could make out from their slight imperfection that they were made by students. I was floored by this honesty and I decided to go with Apeejay.

Q. What are things you liked about the school?
I liked the emphasis placed on extracurricular activities. Both my children have benefitted immensely from it. My son was part of the school’s football team. I loved the superbly crafted Ramayan play on Annual days. I used to have a healthy discussion with teachers on Parent-teacher meetings. It was quite reassuring to know that all the teachers are working so hard for the holistic development of your children and I could see the difference in them myself. My son used to top the class. He actively participated in various inter-school competitions. As a result, he won more than 40 certificates in extracurricular activities. He used to wear around 10 different badges on his shirt. People in my society used to joke with me ‘Is your son in Air force?’ My daughter is also a topper and she is also into extracurricular activities. She organised and successfully broadcast last year’s Annual Appreciation Day. All this can’t be made possible without the active support of teachers.

Q. Would you recommend Apeejay International School to others?
I don’t think there’s a need for that. Let me explain why. Initially, I was the only one in my society- Anand Ashray Society- to get my students admitted in the Apeejay International School. But, after watching the progress of my children everyone from my Society gradually got their children admitted to Apeejay International School, Greater Noida. Now, there are so many students from my society that it takes around 10 minutes for children to board and deboard the school bus. You can check the school records. Students spend maximum time in school and if the environment in school is not good then no student can flourish. Apeejay International School provides the right environment for students to flourish.

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