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From doctors to designers, Delhi’s top IB school conducts expert parent sessions

The school is inviting professionals to inspire students about the careers of tomorrow



‘Chaperone Month’, a one-of-its-kind initiative, is being observed by Apeejay School International, South Delhi, in September. The entire month is all about gathering knowledge and broadening students’ horizons. During this period, students’ parents, who are experts in their respective domains, will be part of guest sessions to educate all students about new-age careers. Not only that, they will be available throughout the month to take up students’ queries and attempt to solve them. They will share the responsibility to communicate and collaborate with educators to brainstorm on innovative ideas.

Ms. Pragati Agnihotri, Middle-Years-Programme (MYP) coordinator in the school says, “The preparation for this event began in the month of June. To kick-start this massive event, we have identified parent volunteers in as many different domains as possible. The school has put in tremendous planning and efforts into launching this month-long series. And to make this event a success, we shared guidelines with parents and advised them on how to share know-how more effectively with the students.”

Every week, two experts will visit the school and interact with MYP and Diploma Programme students. Amongst the list, some experts are: Dr Zainab Malik, Dentist; Ms. Simaran Soni, Chief SOP Editor, Lumina Certification Learning, Development Facilitator and Overseas Admissions Professional; Mr. Kapil Bharti, Engineer; Mr. Anand Bhardwaj, Historian; Ms. Deepika Dua Arora, Dietician, and Ms. Gurleen Kaur, an Interior Designer.

Further adding, Ms. Agnihotri says, “Beginning September 08, our first guest was Ms. Ritika Malhotra, a clinical psychologist. She informed the students about 15 specialisations related to the field of psychology. Students were keen to know more about ‘play therapy’, a technique that is used to help children cope with difficult emotions and find solutions to problems. Other students were inclined to understand more about organisational psychology. Ms. Malhotra conducted ‘self-reflection games’ too and helped children understand their emotions better. She ended the session by giving them a task to contemplate what they envision in their lives by the age of 30.”

The session made students more empathetic towards their peers’ emotions as well. The young learners were asked to ponder on how they wish to plan their career roadmap. Several other guest sessions have been lined up by the school in the coming days.  

“Research has shown that connecting studies with real life has a positive effect. At ASI, we actively seek opportunities to invite experts from various walks of life to come and share experiences with students. During this whole month, many guests will be visiting the school to help students deepen their understanding of various concepts they are studying in the school.”

-Mr. Purshottam Dutt Vashist, Principal, Apeejay School International, South Delhi

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