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Covid-19 Pandemic Brought the Need to Revisit India’s Education System



As the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country, the education system of India has taken a
sharp turn towards online learning, which has changed its dynamic.

The COVID-19 pandemic provides both challenges and opportunities to education
worldwide. Although it is a global crisis, it presents an opportunity to rethink

Despite the challenges, COVID-19 is a silver lining in the crisis for India’s education
sector and perhaps for education in other contexts as well. In particular, COVID-19
has allowed for greater adoption of information and communication technology (ICT)
and paved the way for wider acceptance of virtual education in India and elsewhere.

There will be a new normal after the pandemic. The Indian education sector will
become more tech-savvy, flexible, focusing on continuous assessment rather than
on the final examination, enabling different types of executive education and
admission process which is more student-friendly.

Flexibility in India education system

One important change which is to be a permanent feature of the Indian education
system is flexibility. Most of the courses offered by any Indian University have a
single entry and single exit opportunity.

Pandemic has highlighted the uncertainty in life. Therefore, the higher education
system needs to be more flexible, where multiple entries and multiple exit
opportunities are possible. The second important change is around education
opportunities for working professionals.

This is a good opportunity for the Indian education sector to become a global
education centre. Indian institutions were late in adopting technology. Pandemic has
forced Indian education stakeholders to adopt technology in all possible manners.

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