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Attitude is a stepping stone towards success 



By Moksh Dheri

School of Management Sciences (SoMS), Apeejay Stya University recently organised an informative and interactive webinar on “Attitude is Everything”. This webinar taught the students about how having the right attitude leads to success. The value-added session also emphasised on procrastination, power of words and many other things.

The guest speaker was Mr. Lokesh Gandhi, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. Having completed his B.Tech from Delhi College of Engineering, Mr. Gandhi has worked in several reputed companies like Ericsson, ZTE Corporation, etc.

Addressing the participants, he shared how to have that determination to never give up or quit. He said, “We humans are like magnets. What we think and perceive, we can achieve it as well.” He also gave an example of how a baby when he/she is learning to walk falls many times, but his never giving up attitude makes him/her try again and again and finally he/she learns to walk. 

The webinar saw enthusiastic participation from students and faculty members from School of Management Sciences, ASU. 

During this engaging session, Mr. Gandhi also mentioned that success, prosperity, happiness and health are four most important things in a person’s life. He also said that while individuals are preparing to win something, they must be prepared to fail as well. “If we are not failing it means we are not trying,” while adding that “A situation remains the same for every person. It’s how an individual looks at it, with a positive or a negative attitude, and that makes the difference.”

The participants asked several questions during the virtual session. Mr. Gandhi suggested that we make a list including 10 important things in our life. This will lead students to gain clarity and subsequently, focus on only the most important things one wishes to achieve in life. 

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